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Ok. let’s get started. Good forenoon. everyone. Thankss for coming. As you know. I’m in group 2 and our subject is selling online. I’m in charge of MC for our presentation. Before coming to the presentation. we have a little game for you. Please fall in me in welcoming Ba Tam. our game director.

I hope that little game can warm you up. What we want to make today is stating you about the advantages and disadvantages of selling online. a modern manner to gain money but non really hard. Don’t concern! There’s a batch of clip left over for inquiries at the terminal. We’ll Begin by giving you an overview of the development of the Internet every bit good as trading online. Please welcome Ha Son.

Following we’ll go to one of the chief parts of the presentation: the advantages of selling online. This portion will be presented to you by Th?o Bui.
Beside the advantages. we ever have the disadvantages. We’ll hear some of them from Th?o Phan
To maintain off those problems. we have some tips for you to sell online in an effectual and safe manner. Please welcome the presentation of Di?m Qu?nh. In decision. in this modern life. trading online has developed and become more and more popular. Beside some advantages we have considered such as… ( dua m?y cai advantages vao ) . selling online can hold hazard of… ( dua m?y cai disadvantages vao ) . We hope that our tips we have showed can partially assist you happen an easy and interesting manner of gaining money for your pupil life. Reach us if you need any aid. That’s all our presentation. Thankss for your hearing. Next is the clip for Q & A ; A.

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