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The Plot Structure The short film “Selfish” is set in a square in the US, on that very special Valentine day. The film started with a young man sitting by himself, surrounded by countless couples who were happily celebrating their loves. At that very moment, he spotted a girl who might be Just as lonely as he was, because she, after asking a girl to take her picture and being refused, eventually took a selfless.

However, behind those bright eyes and that great smile, she wasn’t so strong and happy. The story went on as the boy followed the girl and took pictures of her. At this point, as the number of pictures kept Increasing, we realized that there was light, fragile yet beautiful and ever so pure feeling slowly appeared. This brought us to the climax: the memory card was full. He then had to decide whether to erase entirely his memory of the girl who had left or to let go of the present one.

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It’s always hard to let go of the past but the present Is not so easy to hold on either. However, In the end, It’s the present he chose. With a formatted memory card, he continued following the girl and afterward had her picture printed. For a moment, he lost sight of her, but not for long, the direction of the heart was then spoken. They finally met each other at the station. With a valentine card, a kiss and a selfless of the two, a happy ending is what we get.

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