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“Analyses the ways in which the themes of good and evil in humanity are explored in Markus sake “the book thief” -Approach -underline key words/make sure you understand the topic -brainstorm your ideas/argument (thesis) -Make a plan – have your text and notes next to you for reference. Introduction: (Where I state my thesis/general argument): “The Book Thief” by Markus Sake explores the themes of good and evil in humanity 1 . Through the historical context of words 2. Through the historical context of World War 2 in particular the figure of hitter, through the main characters, and 3. Rough the perspective of the novel’s narrator, death. Death’s view of humanity is encapsulated (summarized) in the final words of the book: “l am haunted by humans”, conveying his ironic horror and confusion at humanity capacity for both the greatest kindness and the greatest cruelty. -plan: 1 talk about goodness and evil in historical context of the war, especially Hitler (including quotes? Techniques 2. Talk about goodness and evil in the characters- goodness-Hans, Lilies, Rosa, Rudy 3. Deaths view?? -Conclusion- summaries arguments. -mention 1 technique in each paragraph.

Textual features (techniques) Of the book thief -Narrator is death-is ironic because death is haunted by haunted by humans “death is omnipresent-everywhere” is unable to offer the perspective of someone who witnesses/sees all the evils of war- mentions the holocaust, Straddling, etc. – quotes -stories within the story- the word shaker, the stander man- these books are symbols of man’s friendship for Lilies, his form of self – expression while hiding in the basement. Both are allegorical. (A story in which the characters and events represent real people and events). These books tell the historical story of

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Hitler and the power of words for good and evil… -Symbols Inc. Colors symbols- Colors- – red/white/black. Blood of war. Snow. Smoke. Other symbols- books/words represent power to change people’s minds/propaganda.

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