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The forum seemed to go well for both my group and me as an individual. I got along easily with the girls in my group and we were able to agree on what we wanted to present to the class and how we would go about it. I took the initiative to start off our forum. I talked about four of our outlined topics from the essay we had written. I also used personal experiences, such as my dad not going to college and my cousin owing to community college, to relate to the stereotypes that were presented to us in our forum.

The only issue I had was that I forgot to write out index cards for when I was speaking so I had to do everything from memory. I think I still did a decent Job from what I had at the top of my head. I tried my best to look at the audience and make eye contact with everyone in the room. I tried to pretend that I was having a regular conversation with a friend. I definitely spoke loud enough compared to the other two girls in my group who are very soft spoken.

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I always speak loudly In front of groups of people because I know that I do not like trying to listen to someone present something I can barely hear. I asked the question In our Q&A session and I tried to participate when all the other groups raised questions for the class. I thought the forum went well overall and this definitely prepared me for doing so again In the future.

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