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Self- esteem-l’s yours good? How can It Improve? How It effects communication? Self-esteem: The Key To Communicating Some synonyms for the self-esteem can be personal values, self-worth, and self- respect. No matter where life takes us, our self-esteem follows us as one of the basic human motivators. Self-esteem can be compared to that one key that fits every lock in the house. Every door of communications can be opened through an individual’s self- respect or personal values.

We need self-esteem both from other people and through inner self-respect. It is our only real way to reach our true human self-actualization. Is my self-esteem good? My self-esteem runs in conjunction with my thoughts, behaviors, feelings, and actions. Personally I base my self-esteem upon who I am now and who I actually see myself being. I Like to compare my self-esteem to the beautiful mountains we have In front of us throughout Appalachia. Say that I am hulking the mountain one day and I want to point out all of the aspects that the mountain has shown me.

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Starting at the bottom I am going to find my looks. Looks are the one concept that I cannot conquer among myself. For at the top of the mountain I am going to find all the true beauty and worth of the hike. This would be my skills and abilities that I have a high self-worth for. Self worth is the evaluation of your worth or value based on your perception of things such as: skills, abilities, talents, and appearance (Beebe, Beebe, & Redmond 43). Self-worth is an essential human need that is vital for survival and normal, healthy development (Branded 1969).

In conclusion, I would say that I have an average self-esteem. I almost said that I have a bad self-esteem, and then I remembered all of the confidence that I have within my hobbles. I am talented basketball player, weightlifter, and athlete overall. This Is one thing that gives me a large percentage of the personal values that I have overall. If not for this I would say that I have a bad self-esteem because I have always been really particular about the way that I looked and dressed. I have never been able to mind the true appreciation in the way that I appeared to others and myself.

How can I improve my self-esteem? Self-esteem arises automatically within based on a person’s beliefs and consciousness (Branded 1969). Many aspects that you critique yourself upon can affect your self-esteem. The way that your hair looks, the way that your smile takes in a picture, how you think you might have chicken legs, or need to lose weight. My family has always passed to me that the only way to heal a negative thing in life, Is to find a positive. This Is a lot of the time how I improve my win self-esteem.

I might wake up one morning and think that my acne Is really hurting my appearance, but at the same time the Wellington is really helping my chicken legs look halfway normal. I have found that If you keep thinking negative about your personal values then there never will be a day where you find positive. How does self-esteem affect my communication? I think that within the concept of communicating with others, my self-esteem has a since of positively affecting me. I have always been great with talking to others.

You can sit me down in front of a rowdy of people that I have never seen before, and you will see that I really have no problem with talking to those people however long it takes for us to get tired of talking. I believe that my true beauty is within myself. The way that I treat others, with respect and honesty, is what I reflect upon my true picture of myself. Some people might think that they are better than others, but the universal truth is that we are all created equal. Like Papaw always said, “Son they wake up in the morning and put their Jeans on Just like you do.

I carried this aspect on in life, and I think that this is a big reason that I think so highly of myself. I have always treated others better than I treated myself, never giving any chance to make anyone think I am better than them. Self-esteem will affect the way that you live and communicate through the rest of your life. Self-esteem is like medicine, we all have to have it rather it positively or negatively affects us. Of course anyone that would choose to live his or her life with low self-esteem is going to have week communication skills and even might deal with alnico depression.

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