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Self-Account My friends and I decided to Join the Forest Adventure In Singapore during the Easter holiday purely for fun and excitement. I had never thought that it would be such an enriching experience to me. It Is one of the most stirring experiences I have had. Being afraid of heights, It was a very tough challenge to me as the trees are really tall. There are 34 different obstacles that we have to tackle and one of them Is “the leap of faith”. We have to be very brave to make a step In front of us and swing towards a et which Is very far from us and grasp It and climb to the other side of It.

I was very nervous and I stopped In front of It for nearly ten minutes wondering If I should give up. However, after my friends convinced me not to quit by saying things like you only live once, I gathered all my courage and stepped one of my feet in the air and swung towards the net with my heart pounding out of my chest while I thought to myself: I did it! I am very proud of myself for facing my fear which is height. This is only the first step UT it is also the most crucial step of overcoming my fear for heights.

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Susan Gale once said, “The first step is always the hardest, but it’s the only way to reach the second step. ” The same applies to all situations in life. I am a very shy and timid person and I have always wanted to change this fact. Through this Forest Adventure experience, I actually gained confidence in myself. I believe that if I had the ability to make the first step in overcoming acrophobia, I have the ability to transform myself into an out-going person and I am all ready to do that in the coming school year.

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