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Sound technical competence in an engineering discipline supported by degree level qualifications and demonstrated commitment to continuous learning. During my study In university 2008-2012 In China, I was highly capable of series of technical competence like Auto Cad, Silkworm, etc. All of those software were mastered through standard and systematic study and practice. As a professional engineering, I was responsible for each project. I can take full advantage of all of the skills that I was capable of to apply it into producing and manufacturing.

As talking about the capability of continuous learning, I am willing to learn more professional skills during my work and study. Despite the time study In university, I spent a lot of time working In commercial management and analysis skills. Besides during the period working in the company, I acknowledged sales and customer relations, strategy of cost-saving, material application and many useful tools. Demonstrated ability to apply technical competence to solve problems that contribute to productive outcomes. I was work at a team when given by new technical application.

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Firstly, I would deeply investigate the problem and select the most appropriate technique. Secondly, I needed to rapidly acknowledge the information about the technical and then testify the feasibility of the issue. If resulting in a positive reflection, I applied the technique into the process of solving problem in order to collect the data based on the new technology especially. While I was working In a company In 2011, our team was distributed a task to apply a new technique Into the assembly line. At first, I efficiently grasped the craft of this technique. Then I testified the technique by building an applicable model of assembly line.

At last I taught the workers the skills of assembly and use. In a result, the technique made a contribution to the procreative effects. Demonstrated ability to Identify and action Innovative solutions. When I was working on the solutions of the problems, In order to make the solutions Innovative, I would identify the solutions based on the pre-research and brainstorming. Before conducting the innovative solutions, I would build up a nearly perfect pattern, which concluded almost all of the factors of the project. During the time 2010, I was a leader of apartment of student union in university

Financing Cell: 0426830122 Email: [email protected] Deed. AU In China. Our team was given a task called competition of Autocrat skills. We brainstormed all the innovative solutions like expanding the scale of participants, changing the form of the competition, inputting the incentive mechanism and so on. During the process, we testify the most feasible solutions in a small range. And then we analyzed the effects of each solution in the form of group meeting. In the end, we came up with a few feasible and Innovative solutions and put them Into practical application progressively. Community at large.

There are several skills that I use to communicate with my fellows: Eye contact, getting to know the background of other technicians, Trying to take care of others and getting good word of mouth among the community. In my experience, it is basically common that communicate in the category of school comparing with working organization. Therefore I made some change during the period of time working in the company 2012. For example, being patient at work, especially during the process of solving particularly complex problems. Demonstrated ability to work effectively in diverse teams.

As working in a diverse team, I am ware of the components of the group. In addition, I will analyze the capacity of individuals in order to collecting all the information of each group member. And then, depending on the characteristics of individuals, I will distribute the task to my fellows. While I was working for steel company form 2012 to 2013, I was given a project working with a group from Switzerland. The team was form of Swiss, Chinese, technician, translator, and project manager, manager assistants. They had different culture and education background.

Firstly, I ensured that all of the members could communicate frequently relying on the translator. Secondly, I did some post-research about the project, which included the whole process of building construction, product manufacture, product delivery, environmental protection. After that, I distributed the task respectively based on the features of each member. At last we accomplished the task efficiently and successfully. Demonstrated ability to use technology to solve problems, improve effectiveness or productivity. Financing Cell: 0426830122 Email: [email protected] U. AU Technology is the core of productivity and competition. The most important thing for my to using technology is to completely handling the application of the technology. Due to the difficulty of researching and developing new techniques, introducing advanced techniques is anther way to solve problem. Besides, during the process of using technology we must take the cost into consideration. There are several step when using technology: analysis the root of the problem, pre- research of technology, select and apply technology, assessment of the outcomes.

For example, when I was working for the company in China, I was given a project called Maier Lime Kiln. The company wanted to input the lime kiln from Switzerland to solve the problem of enhance the output meanwhile decrease the discharge of exhaust gas. This newest and advanced facility efficiently solved the intractable problem. On one hand, it applied high technology to improve the utilization rate of the raw material thus increase the yield. On the other hand, the recycle of resources saved the cost. In a result, we applied techniques, which contributed to the

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