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Battling with the issue known as seizures, this condition can take a toll on a person, but being diagnosed can be the worse news anyone can get. There is no preparing for the outcome because it comes at any moment. I know this all too well, because I am one who suffers from this. It is very much disturbing, emotionally and physically. That’s why, it’s Important that those living with seizures know the safety of getting Immediate help. Recalling back to my early teenage years, I was always running around with friends and playing football, but always managed to keep my GAP above 3. Two, Three, Four am, I would wake in the middle of my sleep, shaking from what I thought were ‘panic attacks’. Minutes would turn into hours before it would all calm down. However, I would Just ignore them, hoping they would Just go away. I continued to focus on school and sports. Having the panic attacks was the least of my worries, but one day all of that would change. The summer of 96′ played a big part In what my future would look like. I was fourteen. I came home from football practice about 6:pm one night, and I was extremely tired and beat.

I got home, stripped my clothes off, and copped a quick shower. I wasn’t even home ten minutes and my mom came through the door with Pizza Hut. Devouring three slices in five minutes, I was hungry from all that practice. For the next hour, I did my homework and cleaned my room, and by pm I was In bed. I awoke about 12 midnight with muscles spasms, and these sudden Jerking sensations’. Although I’ve had them numerous times before, this time, it was 100 times worse. I lied in bed for about twenty minutes before I made an attempt to go to my mom’s room.

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What seemed like years, but lasted two minutes, I crawled to my mom’s room and banged on her door. I’m yelling “Mommy help me, I’m hurting. ” When my mom opened the door, she had seen I was going Into convulsion. The last thing I remember was my mom calling 911, and I looked at the clock on the cable box when It read 12:ma’am. I had passed out. Waking up with IV needles and an intubations, I was in a state of shock. I looked around and saw my mom and stepfather talking. I was completely lost. I looked at the clock on the hospital wall, and it read 1 :pm. What the heck happened?

Twelve hours had passed since my episode. I was oblivious to what was going on. After my mom told me I blacked out, I asked “why? ‘ After no response, I Just stared at the wall. I laid In that bed In disbelief for about a half hour. Two o’clock passed, no answer. Three o’clock came and went, no doctors, no answers. It wasn’t until 4:pm that that doctors came in. Because I was initiated (a tube in my throat), I couldn’t talk. I could hear the doctors tell my mom and stepfather that I have been diagnosed with Mnemonic Seizures. It took me a couple to digest the news.

I didn’t know nothing about this condition, but I wasn’t ready to find out. I stayed in the hospital for two more days, and was released. Are reading this, and you are affected by seizures, no matter what type of seizure, always remember to get immediate medical attention. The first sign of Jerking movements or muscles spasms, dial 911, or tell someone closest to you. Please do not wait until symptoms worsen. The earlier you receive medical attention, the less likely chance you will go into convulsion, or even worse, cardiac arrest. It is a lifesaver.

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