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Everything that moves, everything that feed us and every animal that God created?. Mean, why are we so self-destructive toward the fishes, the sharks, the whales, the sea lions, the dolphins etc. And until the day die I will never understand why mankind has such a Big Hole in their heart, and the irony of it all is that God placed us in charged of everything He created. And yet we violate our office, just like the Politicians do, just like the Judges do and just like the rest of society. For we ass and observe laws that are meant to destroy everything around us, and even ourselves.

And the sea is so polluted and has no way to clean itself, since we dump our fecal matters in it, our toxic waste in it, our garbage in it. And we do this as well to the Earth, to the Atmosphere. So I must ask while we’re choking ourselves to death, where are we going to go next, after we destroy the entire Earth? – For we are bringing the fishes to extinction, we are bringing the whales to extinction and we are mutating all the sea creatures as well. We re transforming them into something monstrous, deadly, toxic and poisonous to our health. So when will it all stop?. Yeses, do want it to stop by bringing awareness to you and the rest of my brothers and sisters. I want us to have a place to live, a place to breathe, and a place where we can eat food items that are Cancer-Breed. And the funny thing is that we are the most cruel, the most mischievous and the most selfish of all God’s Creations. But as soon as trouble or payment for our actions come, then we are the weakest creations, for we then play sorry for ourselves, we then become depressed and we also Start saying “It’s Not My Fault”. Sea pollution is going on in every country, in every continent and by all types of people.

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Who all don’t care anything about the environment, the earth, the sea and the air. And the big Corporations are paying off the Judges along with the Politicians of the world, just so they could dump all the bad chemicals they want anywhere they see fit And amazingly, when Cancer comes, when heavy sickness bring their pains, and when the environment starts to roar tit heavy natural disasters, then those same big Corporations Elite will just protect themselves with the best of everything, and the rest of the world will be left to pay the price with no resources available.

So what are you going to do Dear Friend?. What will you do for Sea Pollution to stop? And who will protect the animals of the sea?. And who will maintain our natural sources so we can survive?. Join me in educating and sharing with the rest of our brothers, not being Overbearing or Forceful, but in helping them to see the truth about sea pollutions. And when the we all get involved, hen no problem is beyond our reach of being solved.

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