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The article speaks of the trend In the scientific research, which Is worrisome due to decline In the quality of research. Rolling competition among scientists has led too culture of “Publish or Perish”, which forces them to work on topics that are more appealing to people Irrespective of their significance. They compromise on the quality of research by manipulating data or holding unfavorable data.

There are serious questions raised regarding the error spotting ability of scientists as verification of experiments Is being Ignored. Also, the attempt to challenge an experiment is not encouraged. Overcoming this problem is a collective responsibility of scientists, publication agencies and funding organizations. The appropriate measures should be taken to make the trial data more available to users, to set up a research protocol and to encourage unpopular work.

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Only after taking these appropriate measures science would prevail as one of the respected professions. Dousing the vegetable fire The article indicates the reasons for the steep rise In the prices of onion. The author Is of the view that a small decline In the supply of onions will result In large Increase In Its price. The stock seems to be low In the period of August to September due to seasonality of the crop. Moreover, the excess rains during this period have led to the crops being spoiled.

On account of this reduced supply, the demand for onions have been Increased, thereby resulting In the substantial Increase In Its price. In the short run, government should take some measures to Increase the Imports and also reduce the import duty to reduce the price on onions. In the long run, the infrastructure in villages should be improved to provide more storage facilities. Also, the role of the middleman should be minimized in order to benefit the farmer and the consumer.

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