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A. Identification. Identify the law/concept that explains each of the given phenomena. Write only the letter of the correct answer on the space provided. A – Law of Inertia B – Law of Acceleration C – Law of Interaction 1. Recoil off gun when fired 2. Two men find a car harder to push than a tricycle 3. A body moves backward when a motorcycle starts to move forward. Cigarette vendor moves forward after Jumping off from a Jeep. 5.

Two acting forces between a pen and a paper when writing 6. Use of settable as a safety measure 7. The harder you dribble a basketball, the higher it bounces. 8. A magician pulls a tablecloth out from under dishes & glasses on a table without disturbing them. 9. A picture hanging on a wall and does not move. 10. A heavy table is easier to move when 5 people are pushing it compared to only 2 people. B. Fill Me Up. Fill up the following with the needed Information to make the sentence complete. 2. Is the force on a body due to gravity. The quantity of matter a body contains. 3. Forces that may result from direct physical contact between two objects are called is the force of attraction between two objects. 5. The the constituents of the nucleus of an atom together. 6. The in the radioactive decay of some nuclei. 7. In his book holds plays a role Isaac Newton acknowledged his debt to Galileo. 8. Is the property of a body that tends to resist a change In Its state of motion. 9. 10. Acceleration Is proportional to the force applied and object. Proportional to the mass of the A.

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The Fault in the Sentence. Spot the error in the statement, underline it and change the word’s to make the statement correct. Write your answer on the space provided before the numbers. 1. Newton’s second law is applied in pulling a tablecloth very quickly without dislodging the dishes. 2. The unit of weight is kilograms. 3. Force is a scalar quantity. 4. Galileo ideas make common sense – they were based on most of our common daily experiences. Forces in nature. 5. All the fundamental forces are contact 6. Air resistance is an example of sliding friction. The use of lubricants increases friction. 8. Static friction is always less than the kinetic friction. Using of settable is an application of the Law of Interaction. Greater the mass of an object, the lesser is its inertia. 9. 10. The B. Problem Solving. Solve the following problems. Show your complete solution. 1 . Solve for the weight of a person who has a mass of keg. 2. Supposedly the person in item #1 went to the moon, what will his mass be? How about his weight? 3. Annie weighs 500 N. What is her mass equal to? 4. A block of wood with a mass of 8. G is accelerated at 3. Mm/so to the right. Solve for the force applied to the block of wood. It with a force of NON?

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