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Today’s generation is far different from before. Youths now are performing acts which are not suitable for their ages-They even forgot the right conducts and values we learned from our ancestors. Elf we compare the youths now from the past we can say that they are totally change and different. But why do they are changing? L’s it because we are living in a civilized and modernize world? L’s it because of the influence of high technologies and latest invention? Or is it because of us and no one to blame but us? It really true that we the youth are the hope of our nation or is it us who will lead chaos and destruction. It Is said that there is no permanent In this world and everything Is subject to change but It Is our will if we Join to this changes. Yes,we can’t escape but we can prevent let. Now a days,we are living In a modernize world. People continue to developed high-tech products Like gadgets,appliances and even high model cars that everyone Is dreaming of. Houses are also now modern in style.

Mass media has a great participation in our life but this s one of the factors why youth learned things which are not good to them-There are many bad influences surrounding us that make us vulnerable to change. Most youths now are executing acts that harm them and affecting not only their life but also the people around them. They are now addicted to drugs. They were involve in crimes like robbery,snatching,rape and even killing. They are the one initiating the misunderstanding in their family and even trouble in their places.

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Is this what we want or we are still dreaming of a heroes from them? Youth that is a good leader of our society and will start the good acts to help their fellow citizens-youth that Is helpful and willing to sacrifice their life for other people. Youth that will take care of the environment and will preserve the beauty of our nature-youth that will continue the good practices that will be pass on the next generation. Youth that will show their eagerness in helping and doing their best just to show their love to our country.

Youth that will continue to explore,to discover their abilities,skills and talents-youth that will IM topflight their studies and reach their goals in life. Youth with a golden heart. Youth that will lead and creating a peaceful environment. And most especially youth that are God centered and following the commandments of God. I am still thinking of what are the reason and main influence why youth became criminals and trouble makers. L know that because of continues changes In their environment we can’t prevent this to happen.

The family,being the prime group youth belong has a large Influence In growing the youth that we all want. Parents being the role model has a great part and the one that should adolescence them. Elf we can be a youth with kindhearted,a good leader and peace maker I am sure that we will have a peaceful country-crimes will be lessen and disputes will be eliminated. We will be all happy things even in our own simple ways. ‘ do believe that we youth,are a hero and a good example to others. let is our own discretion of who we want to be but still with the help of the people around us and our God everything is possible.

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