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The movie opens with a shot of what appears as the viewer flying through an asteroid belt, then the name of the movie is revealed, cutting to the viewer hovering in space with a blue and white planet being visible above. The camera pans and rotates and an alien spaceship slowly inches itself onto the scene. We as the viewer are immediately aware that the movie that we are about to watch is based In science fiction. But looking closer, the ship that enters the frame, looks run down, ancient, almost biological, and It’s making Its way towards what appears to be earth.

An asteroid flickers through the black night sky backdrop, shimmering with stars, and the camera pans down towards the planet. Split seconds later we discover that the planet is, in fact, earth, and that we are in Egypt in the year 1914. Immediately we have a Juxtaposition of the old and new, the ancient mystical element and the futuristic science fiction that we were presented with moments ago. The scene continues to show a small child. No more than 10. Riding in on a donkey towards what appears to be some sort of mountain cave.

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This is an example of emanation speech ND dietetic sound. As the child approaches they begin to understand that it is in fact an archeological site being uncovered, something like a temple or shrine. He is greeted by other children shouting out to him. The shouting is in, what I assume is Egyptian, however it does not matter, the mannerisms of the children give us the context of what Is happening, they appear to be shouting for the kid to give them something, they are walling and you, the viewer, begin to understand that the kid riding the donkey is some sort of currier.

The kid dismounts, runs up the slanted Atari of the temple, he is beset by the other children and they manage to take from him something like a gourd, or old hide skin drinking sack. The kid runs into the cave like temple structure, passes between some columns of ancient Egyptian design, and peeks around a corner to find a man who Is examining the wall, with another man sitting In a chair, writing something. The boy uses textural speech by calling out to Aziza who is another kid who uses a large golden or brass platter to hold himself up as he appears to be asleep, counterbalancing his weight with that of the large platter.

The scene shifts to the man studying the wall, and he shout to Aziza to produce light, the kid is startled awake, and we see that the platter Is using the reflection of the sun to produce light on the wall. The man sitting In the chair marks another line for what appears to be a how many times Aziza get the man examining the wall and explaining what he believes it means. We now see that he is examining symbols and hieroglyphs on the wall, he is telling Billy, whom we now assume is his assistant to make sure and draw and record their find.

Billy, appearing boarded, dismisses the man and continues to draw a sailboat instead. The scene continues with an ominous hooded figure approaching behind the kid carrying the hide drinking sack, he grabs him by the shoulder startling the child. The ominous hooded man exclaims that the kid has brought the water, praises him, and sends him off on his way with god’s blessings. The kid runs out and we begin to assume that this ominous hooded figure is more akin to some kind of religious priest rather than the ominous figure we thought of him mere seconds ago.

The scene shifts back to the man examining the wall, whom we can now safely say s an archeologist or scholar studying ancient temples and hieroglyphs. The archeologist uses theatrical speech to explain that the symbols represent groups of people gathering around what appear to be columns of elements, fire, water, wind, and earth, and he goes on the explain that the people and elements are further gathered around one singularity in the middle, the fifth element, the supreme being. Hearing this we switch back to the priest in the hood, he pulls out a vial, asking the lord for forgives as they already know too much.

Then the priest drops the vial on the lour this created scansion sound as it made known that it shattered on the hard stone floor. The feeling shifts back to us believing that this priest, is in fact, up to no good. After pouring the liquid from the vial into the hide drinking sack the hooded priest steps out from behind the pillars and makes himself visible. Again we don’t know what to think as he is greeted with pleasantries from both the archeologist and Billy the assistant. They both obviously hold the hooded man in high regard and see him as a religious person calling him Father.

The hooded priest approaches looking ere nervous, he is greeted by the excited archeologist who is telling him that they have found what could be the most important find in human history. In the background the indication music set a suspicious tone for the scene. Then the father nervously pours them drinks of water, looking very nervous, this leads us to believe, and among his previous statements that the water has been poisoned by whatever was in the vial he had poured in it. The archeologist continues to grow excited claiming that this find will make him famous, and the priest suggests they toast to the find.

As they are about to drink the poisoned water the archeologist abruptly stops, the tension and nervous energy coming from the priest is so palatable you can almost taste it at this point. The archeologist pours the water out and exclaims that water is nothing they can toast to and sends his assistant to fetch graph, which appears to be some sort of champagne or white wine. The mood in the room suddenly switches, you can hear the children laughing and shouting outside, the room begins to dim and quickly grow dark.

The pries steps towards the camera with a look of both reverence, fear, and awe exclaims that they re here. The next frame reintroduces the gigantic alien ship, and we begin to understand its size and scale, as it dwarfs the mountain temple cave, the thing is colossal. Billy the assistant has now noticed it and he is cowering in fascination and awe trying to process the sight he is beholding. The archeologist frustrated at the together, shine in from the alien ship into the temple grounds, which illuminate the room tremendously.

Pleased with the light the archeologist exclaims much better to witch Aziza is dumbfounded and shocked by, and we are presented with a very amorous scene, that Juxtapositions everything we have seen so far, mysticism, history, science, religion, and of course, the science fiction. Seconds later the space ships bay doors open and several alien creatures begin to disembark, they are slow moving, large, turtle like beings covered in very gritty and old, ancient even, looking armor or space suits.

Even though they seem robotic we are not sure what they are at this time, Billy franticly grabs for a pencil and begins sketching what he sees before him. The priest falls to his knees and we now know that he holds some kind of reverence towards these beings. It appears that the beings are mumbling to each other as they are entering the scene then they approach the archeologist who still has not noticed them, as he turns around and finally sees the beings, we are treated with another humorous scene, he asks are you German, to which the being in front of him shakes his head.

This scene establishes the sound of the aliens. One of the beings begins to speak with the priest, it exclaims that the priest and those before him, presumably in his order, have served them well, but he states that the stones are no longer safe on earth and that war is coming. We then see another of the alien beings approach the wall that the archeologist was studying, a four pronged key like object protrudes from the beings fingertip and he pushes it into the wall to witch it opens, thus this appears to be a key, a key to opening secret passages in the temple.

This scene is very interesting because we are now presented with context, however slight, to who or what these creatures are. They obviously have the key to the temple which means that they have understanding and knowledge of its design. They have either built it, or know the civilization that did, either way we understand that these beings hold some ancient knowledge about humanity and the history of our planet, if not our race.

The archeologist is dumbfounded at this point he appears to be in a state of shock, exclaiming that this really is unbelievable, to which the alien creatures seem to signal each other, one of them approaches the archeologist from behind and it’s eyes glow, causing the archeologist to faint and fall down. This is contradicting because the aliens stated that the earth people have served them well then a few minutes’ later knocks out the professor unconscious with he glowing eyes.

The creatures enter through the door and walk into a sort of chamber, the chamber contains four pillars surrounding one central pillar in a square, the camera zooms in on the central pillar and we begin to make out its shape, it is not a pillar at all but rather in the shape of a man with his mouth open to the sky. The priest upon witnessing the man shaped statue in the center of the chamber exclaims that it is or represents the fifth element, whatever that may be, as we still do not know.

One of the aliens tells the others to take the stones, so they approach the four pillars surrounding the chamber and remove long triangular stones, one from each pillar, they place them in a trunk and their business seems to be concluded. The camera again shifts to a now terrified Billy, who quickly pulls out a gun, we can tell that he is highly stressed and scared. A couple of the aliens are seen floating beside them, they presumably take it on to their ship along with the four triangular shaped stones.

In the chamber the priest nervously points out to the alien being that if they take the weapon how will we defend ourselves, and by we the rises is presumably talking about the human race. The being goes on to say that in three hundred years, when the evil returns, so shall they, and again the scene switches to a now terrified yet defensive Billy, he Jumps out from behind a wall and points the gun at the alien ship, seeing that this side is clear he runs over to the archeologist and checks to see if he is K, as he examines the now downed man, he the alien being talking to the priest from the corner of his eye.

Billy shouts for them not to move and that he has the gun, the priest bravely places himself in between the UN and the alien being, he tries to explain to Billy that he must try to understand, that these beings are not here to hurt them, they are their friends.

Billy in his distressed state points out that they have killed the professor, even though he has only been knocked out, there is no reason for us to believe that he has been killed, although upon reviewing the scene several times, it could go both ways, the archeologist may or may not be dead. Either way the priest tries to calm Billy down, the tells him to put the gun down and that he will explain everything, Billy refuses to sites and as he is slowly retreating backwards he stumbles over his bag and accidentally discharges his firearm.

Bullets spray the alien being, the being is startled, but not hurt, however the aggression somehow caused the door to start closing, being a slow bulky creature the alien being has no time to get out of the chamber, the priest pleads for the alien being to hurry, the being tells the priest that he must pass on his knowledge to the next generation, the priest once again pleads for the alien creature to hurry, that there is still time, to which the alien being spoons time is not important only life is important.

With those final words the alien being sticks out his hand and the key that opened the door protruded from the alien’s fingertip, however the rest of the being is presumably crushed by the giant door and we assume that everything aside the key has been crushed. The priest grabs the key and runs out shouting at the departing alien ship, he shouts that he will fulfill his mission and he will pass on his knowledge until the day they return, and with that the aliens take off back into space, and the lengthy intro scene of The Fifth Element ends.

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