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A Real Black Friday I remember very clearly. It was a stormy morning around AAA. M. Back In 2001, on the day after Thanksgiving. I remember being woken up in a big rush. My father was panicking. I didn’t know what was going on. I had been rushed to the hospital and on the way there he told me what had Just happened and I was Just flabbergasted. Thanksgiving Is a great time of year.

Me being a bigger guy, I always loved It mainly for the delicious home cooked food. Now don’t get me wrong I loved seeing my extended family but hey who doesn’t love food. We have a family tradition of visiting my aunt’s house in good ole’ Rainbow City, Alabama. Which for those of you who don’t know where Rainbow City is, it’s just outside of Sadden, Alabama. Sometimes we’d stay there overnight and sometimes we’d travel back home that night, but it was a great time regardless of whether we stayed or left.

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Being 6 years old at the time I didn’t quite know why my mom and sister always left very early that next morning, it was just something I knew that happened. I remember thinking that I thought it was like a national mother/daughter shopping day because my dad never went, he stayed home with me. I was kind of upset because they always came back with so many bags and I thought, “Wow, they didn’t get me one thing? Not even Just one little thing. ” Mainly because like any other 6 year old I wanted something when someone else got something.

I remember thinking Oh well Christmas Is soon and Santa Claus seemed as real to me as my family. My father had something planned for us to do that day. I think it was going and watching a basketball game but I’m not quite sure. So I had a good night’s sleep anxiously awaiting the next day. Come to find out the next day wasn’t at all what I had planned it to be. Panic! That was what I was awoken to. My Dad frantically telling me, “Corey, Corey, get up and get dressed we have to go now. ” I kept asking what was going on but I had no response.

He told me before we left that we were going to the hospital but couldn’t get out of his mouth what for. So we left and are on our way all of the sudden I see this SUB that looked like my mom’s in the middle of the field upside down and crushed. Then my dad tells me, “The… That…. That’s your mom’s Mentor. ” I don’t think I said another thing until we reached the hospital. We reached the hospital and after being In a state of such shock, not thinking I as real, I finally broke to tears when they told me what happened.

My Mom and sister had slid on the road because it was very dark and had been raining, and they hit the ditch and flipped 7 times. It was another solid hour before we heard anything. That was the scariest hour of my life. Finally a doctor came out and told us what happened. My sister had broken her back and 3 vertebrae in her neck and would have to wear a neck and back brace for a few months. My mom somehow only die finally being calmed everything got better. However that was still the scariest moment of my entire life.

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