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Hidden in the cities an d towns of the nation’s wealthiest areas are thousands who struggle to put food on the table; The Orange Co net Food Bank. In conjunction with the Community Action Partnership of Orange County, works to ensure e that their plates are not empty. “On average we send out 26,000 boxes filled with food each month,” the head according attar of Orange County Food Bank volunteer events explained. “But the thing to remember today is that these e boxes aren’t just freebies.

This Is the motivation that brings these people grandmas, aunts, uncles, and little brothers and sisters the strength they need to keep going; to try for self sufficiency and a better quality of life. ” This weekend, over 100 volunteers from the Small Business Growth Alliance (GASBAG) GA eve up their Saturday morning to assemble food donation packages at the Orange County Food Bank. Given careful orders of how the box packing system should work, team members of GASBAG each took on Important roles fro m building boxes and shuffling them down the line to managing food groups and taping the final product shut.

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Split into two teams, volunteers raced to fill their boxes and give the most back to the communion TTY. “It was amazing to see so many people not only come together In the name of helping others, but do it so enthusiastically! ” the spokesperson of Saba’s Volunteer Leadership Committee said. ” One employee brought her eightieth old son to help who said he now wants to volunteer at the Food Bank every Saturday. ” At the end of the day, both teams together managed to pack over 1,700 boxes filled WI items to keep many Orange County families eating healthily for another week.

Team members of GASBAG emerged from the Food Bank warehouse exhausted and sweaty, but with smiles on the Eire faces and excitement brewing for the next volunteer opportunity. “The competition is always fun,” one GASBAG volunteer shared, “but at the end of the dad , the best part is knowing that in these past few hours, we’ve helped hundreds of people. ” Packing boxes at the Orange County Food Bank is an annual event that GASBAG invests v lunette power into each year.

Company leaders and volunteers look forward to returning with greater of race and double the output in 2015. About the Community Action Partnership of Orange County Community Action Partnership of Orange County (CAPO) believes that no one should go hungry in one of the richest counties in the United States. Through the Orange County Food Bank, CAP CO works to alleviate anger by distributing food to nearly 400 service providers to over 400,000 local resided nets in need. That’s nearly one quarter of the county’s population.

By improving the lives of the poor, CAP CO is making Orange County a better place to live by feeding the hungry, promoting good health and improve vying living conditions in local communities. About the Small Business Growth Alliance Building off nearly two decades of experience, the Small Business Growth Alliance (SUB GA) is a leading provider of back office solutions to businesses throughout the United States. GASBAG All lance Partners have been recognized by Inc. Magazine, have received the coveted President’s Award and are accredited members of the Better Business Bureau.

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