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A Way Ahead Gone are those days when students used to go to gruels and were taught on wooden slabs (slates). However, in today’s world, growing technology and innovation have staunchly overtaken such obsolete ways of teaching. But, one can become ambiguous if he contemplates that which one of the methods is better in making students crystal clear about what they are learning. To commence with, technology in education has brought more cons than pros with itself. As the recent survey shows that the percentage of students aiming knowledge from laptops or internet is quite scanty.

Such devices are mostly used for gaming or for other non-educational purposes. To add to its woes, such innovations in teaching methods have also made teachers more lethargic as they try their least to make student clear about the topic. Moreover, even if they themselves are not good and thorough in the subject, they easily get away with the slides or notes. In addition to this, such equipments being very expensive are not feasible by everyone. The myriad no. Of schools which are not even equipped with table and hair for every student cannot dream of buying a laptop or a projector.

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Also the Indian government is not doing anything useful in this regard. Their recent approval of giving tablets to poor students was an act of bravado to woo them in order to seek votes. Apart from this, technology has undoubtedly helped our generation to gain knowledge more easily and rapidly. The surfeit no. Of websites for instance Google and many more have certainly made them answerable for their every problem. But the point to be noted is that such inventions have helped them in learning but not in educating students in a better way.

What’s the use of such complex technology, if the concepts remain obscure for the students. Hence in the nutshell, I assert that we must not depend upon high techniques to educate students. The intentions should be to impart them knowledge in the best possible way which they can easily understand, even if they are the old oblivion ways. Since our today’s technology imparts merely the rudimentary overview. So, if not seriously planned, the present technology can ruin our already conundrum education system.

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