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The 1 st reply is non given in instance. U can happen from cyberspace

The 2nd is given in instance. In file named image four to image 8 U had sent to me

Ans 3

Future of Russian Car industry

Russia has possible to go a major automotive base for the export of vehicles and constituents to the remainder of the universe. The hereafter of Russian Car industry is attractive as the industry is holding following strengths.

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* Russia has amole supplies of many of the universe ‘s most value natural resources, particularly those required to back up a modern industrial economic system.

* Well educated labour force with sound proficient expertness

* The companies can bring forth portion at low cost.

* The domestic maker has big developed web.


The foreign every bit good as domestic maker has to endure because of the undermentioned failings of industry.

* Foreign companies with Joint Venture ( JV ) in Russia see several obstruction in puting automotive sector of Russia. They are confronting the undermentioned obstruction.

O Contradictory Legislation

O Lack of low enforcement

O Widespread corruptness

O An unpredictable political environment

O Barter Transaction in the OEM ( Original Equipment Manufacturer ) market.

* Russian Federal Legislation does non supply any specific Tax or Import responsibility alleviation to foreign investors fabricating automotive constituents

* Local ( Domestic ) Firm Suffers from

O Ineffective direction

O Outdated engineerings and equipment

O Lack of funding to mordanize.

Soviet union in the planetary car sector

Growth in auto market units, 2009 ( per cent )

Soviet union


Western Europe




Car gross revenues volume, 2009 ( 1000000s )

Soviet union


North America


Western Europe






Average age of autos nationally ( old ages )

Soviet union




United Kingdom


When life gets better, people start purchasing cars. Russia is no exclusion to the general regulation that in emerging markets, every one per cent addition in Gross Domestic Product consequences in at least a two per cent hiking in auto gross revenues. Auto gross revenues in Russia rose by 35 per cent in 2007 over 2006, while GDP increased by less than a one-fourth of that – 8.1 per cent. In 2007 the Russian market moved from the fifth-largest rider auto market in Europe into 3rd topographic point, behind Germany and Italy, and is expected to be Europe ‘s largest market in the close hereafter.

Ans 4


O JV with foreign companies- This will offer providers an first-class chance of looking into International criterions rapidly.

O Increase in R & A ; D- This will ease Russian provider to utilize efficient production procedures and can fit up to today ‘s quality criterions.


International maker will come with advanced scope of autos: –

As the international maker spends more money on R & A ; D than the domestic maker.

The international maker spends 5 % of their entire gross on R & A ; D.

The domestic maker spends less than 1 % of gross on R & A ; D.

5 Force Porter Model

Power of Buyers: High

O Buyer has broad assortment of pick

Power of Supplier: Moderate

O Most of the Partss are manufactured internally.

O There is big figure of maker available from foreign mkt. besides

Menace of replacement: Low

O The service of Bus has non affected clients penchant for auto.

Menace of New Entrance: High

O Availibility of Highly qualified work force.

O Lower cost of production

O Cheaper labour

O Attractive general conditions

Industry Rivelry. High

O Presence of province owned companies

O Presence of Foreign companies

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