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Some of the things that kids with ADD must deal with on a daily basis are needing special accommodation in school, getting used to taking medication, and socializing. Growing up with ADD is challenging enough. Going to school makes it even more challenging. A student with ADD has a hard time concentrating In school and gets distracted a lot. It also can effect their grades. In third grade, I was diagnosed with ADD and had to retake the grade all over again. It is not the best feeling in the world getting held back because you think you are stupid.

A kid with ADD will usually learn slower than the rest of the other kids in their class. Sometimes they won’t even understand what is going on at all. Since they can’t learn like the other kids and can’t be put into a special needs class, they have to get special accommodation from the teacher. That makes It seem to them and other kids that they are getting special attention, but It really Isn’t. Help from the teacher after class most likely will make the child understand more and feel smarter. However, there is exceptions to the type of special accommodation ever student with ADD gets.

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Like, eating extra notes written out for you or getting extended time on test taking. These accommodations do make things easier for the student in school. Getting held back was an awful experience at the time, but now I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today If I didn’t. When I got diagnosed with ADD, I also had to start taking medicine to help control my hyperactivity and inattentiveness. Although, it did take a long time to fold just the right one. Not all medication is the same, and every person with ADD will probably have to take a specific kind. It does not cure ADD.

It only can make things easier for kids to be less impulsive and distracted In school. Some people have learned to grow out of taking medication for their ADD because they usually feel Like they can control It better later on In life. Bothersome, taking medication as a kid or teen is the building blocks to controlling their ADD on their own. Not everyone will probably completely grow out of taking medication. Some people don’t even believe in taking medication or sometimes never find the perfect kind to take. Still to this day, I get my prescription changed every now and then.

Also, it is difficult to remember aging medication every single day, but it mostly will start to become a habit. A lot of disorder may seem. Therefore, taking medication should be a good advantage in helping deal with ADD in a healthier way. Another struggle kids with ADD have in school is making friends and keeping those friends. A lot of the friends they have will probably not understand what it’s like to have ADD. So, it makes it a lot harder to make friends because of the way they act. A lot of the times they will speak without thinking or interrupt another person’s conversation. Some kids may claim to call a kid with ADD ‘annoying’.

Later on, a kid will sometimes have to learn how to be less impulsive in order to make friends. While, they might be hurt a lot in the process. Kids with ADD have to learn from their mistakes maybe more than once to make it easier to have a better social life. Although, kids without ADD shouldn’t give them such a hard time about it. Once a kid gets to know someone with ADD better, they may come to find that they actually like that person. It is very difficult to go through the hard times of grade school for any kid, and kids with ADD will usually not understand what it’s like to be aroma like their other friends.

All they really need is support from their family, teachers and the friends they do make. Even after all of these years of having ADD, I still have a lot of trouble and still will. ADD is not something you can grow out of, it is something you have to be able to control and handle. The most common things that will always be tough to handle are getting special accommodation in school, having to take the right medication, and socializing in the real world. Living with ADD is not like having a normal life, but we have to deal with it in the best way we can. Just like everyone else.

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