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I area of interest in which you’d like to pursue my career is In the electronics sector you could work in roles such as design engineering which is designing a product or component prior to launch or applications engineering which Is supporting a product for Its entire life.

The latest trends In workplace environment Is the Innovative of product solutions since most of the Jobs are overseas Its better to invent such a product to have patients on such things as cable boxes or processes chips that u invent that way u can work from your home the focus on richer markets ND penetration of electronics to new markets such as the cell phones are hard because most of them are produced overseas. Three of the pros with Inventing your own product are 1. The money $$$ company’s buy your designs for millions 2.

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If you do decide to work for a company doing application engineering that’s salary base and they move to where the job is located most of the time and benefits 3. It’s in high demand not just with inventing products but with the automotive field. Three of the cons associated with working as a professional field is that you might not sell your iris design until 3 years down the line 2. You might have to relocate which is a plus and a minus because you have to leave what u know be hide and 3. TTS a very completive field very completive you will all ways be test In any related field of all ways working on new ideas at home , always going too tech expo shows if working at an office and you are always looking to upgrade/ make it better is really both home/office are another advantages Now your disadvantages of working with people in an office where somebody an steal your ideas always working if your working at a company versus working from home.

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