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Romeo and Juliet has become forever associated with love, the play is an iconic story of love and passion. Shakespeare presents the theme of love in different way; he uses the relationships of different characters to embody different forms of love throughout the play. All three poems from my anthology also express this theme, of love and loving relationships, however each are expressed In a different ways based on the purpose In which they were written.

For example Shakespearean demonstrates parental loving relationship throughout the play through the character of “Lord Capsule”, he does this effectively by using structural devices such as iambic pentameter (10 syllables per line) to display love and affection towards his daughter, Juliet. The poem from my anthology also creates emotional voices as they use metaphors and other emotive language to portray this theme successfully…

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In this essay I will be comparing Romeo and Juliet to poems I have selected to gather a clearer understanding of the meaning behind each of the pieces of writing. In Act 1 Scene 2 Shakespeare signals the role of an Elizabethan father through a conversation between Capsule and Paris, this tells the readers how fathers dictated who their daughter’s married based on the reputation of the eligible husband.

However, Shakespeare Implies his fondness towards his daughter when he says, “My child Is yet a stranger In the world” this highlights the loving relationship between father and daughter as Capsule tells Paris he thinks Juliet is too young for marriage. Although Benjamin Son’s on my first Sooner is an autobiographical poem which explores the parental emotions of losing a child. Johnson compares the loss of his son to the losing a limb in the opening verse of the poem, “Farewell, thou child of my right hand”.

Johnson opened the poem in the way to demonstrate his love towards his lost son by implying the emotional and physically pain he is feeling. The metaphorical opening he also is implying how life will be difficult without his son as it would be living without a limb. Later on In the scene Shakespeare further develops the loving relationships between Capsule and Juliet flirts Imposed at the start of the scene. Shakespeare uses rhyming couplets at the end of Capsule first response to Paris, “Let two more summers wither In their pride, Ere we may think her ripe to be a burled? , he does this to portray Caplet’s importance he has when deciding a suitable husband for Juliet and also to emphasize his parentally authority. This gives the reader the initial thought that Capsule is a caring, non-traditional Elizabethan father, which is rather explored towards the end of the scene when Shakespeare writes “My will to her consent is but apart”, this highlight the respect Capsule has for his daughter’s judgment and that he will stand by her with her decision with the marriage proposal.

This is later reinforced when Capsule says “An she agree, within her scope of choice Lies my consent and fair according voice”. Whereas Johnson is highlighting the Religious Influences on Elizabethan England by writing “Seven years thou wert .NET to me, and I thee pay, Exacted by the fate, on the Just day. By Johnson Implying that his son was leant to him demonstrates that his Imprecation of life; that It Is a gift from God and losing his son was repaying a debt he owed back to God for granting him the gift of life. By Johnson structuring this with a rhyming couplet further emotive, sorrowful tone to the poem. In Act 3 Scene 4 Romeo has killed Table Elite’s Cousin) Shakespeare demonstrate that Capsule does not deal with death very well so implies he wants to move on quickly.

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Romeo and Juliet’ Is a play written by Shakespeare during the Elizabethan time, and illustrates the tragic destiny of two star-cross lovers, who have fallen in love with each other but sacrificed themselves due to family feud. Bag Alarming produced a movie called ‘Romeo + Juliet’ In 1996, which follows the plot of the original play but converted into modern settings by the use of modern elements, characterization, theatrical techniques, symbolism and a few suitable alterations. Hence, Bag Allurement’s modern adaptation Is successful.

Bag Alarming accentuates the modern settings by laying the scenes in L. A. , while Shakespearean play was set In the city known by its artistic heritage, Verona. The modern settings are also emphasized through the substitute of technology such as the often appearance of helicopters, and the replacement of swords by guns in the movie. Modern elements Is frequently used throughout the film, for example, Instead of being spoken by the chorus, the prologue was delivered by an African American news reporter which depicts people’s acceptance of multiculturalism in anthropometry society.

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The film commences with a fast-paced montage of newspaper headlines to highlight the key words from the prologue “Ancient grudge, break to new mutiny’. The use of ecstasy in the party reveals a modern lifestyle, the skyscrapers represent a present-day style and the policemen who enforce the laws help to illustrate a contemporary society. This type of settings possesses a better appeal as well as providing a easier comprehension for the modern audience.

Interesting, distinctive characters are developed through the body language, facial expressions, words, as well as Bag Allurement’s great usage of symbolism. The first encounter between Romeo and Juliet occurs In a dress up party. Where costuming Is used to reflect each character’s characteristics. For instance,Juliet is dressed as an angel to symbolism her innocence and beauty; Lady Capsule dressed up as Cleopatra to Indicate she is a forceful dictator, while Table dressed up as a devil to represent his disturbance between Romeo and Juliet and his aggression towards the Montague.

However, characters are also developed through other ways; Romeos appearance in he movie always took place on the streets, beaches, along with friends; In contrast, Juliet stays at home under her parents’ strict protections for most of the scenes, only able to express her feelings to the nurse. Bag Alarming Juxtaposes this difference to emphasis their mall characteristics that Romeo lives In a freewheeling world while Juliet is a very sheltered daughter who is only permitted to stay under the wings of her parents.

Theatrical techniques are applied to provide a better visual and audio appeal to the audience. In the party scene, Bag Alarming used consistent fireworks with various lour, and a loud, delightful background music to create the atmosphere of a revelry; the spinning Carousel, and the glowing brightness of fairy lights in the dark also helped to compose a sumptuous party. When Romeo indulges himself in drugs, paced, and the camera angle consistently rotates to create a distorted vision to emphasis the effects of the drugs, which corresponds to Romeos words these drugs are quick’.

When Table purposely provokes Mercuric in the fight scene, the camera focuses on Mesquite’s face by using a close shot and blurring the background. The close up of Mesquite’s facial expression conveys his anger and fury, and the concentration on his body language reveals that he is extremely passionate towards what he wants to achieve for Romeo. Bag Alarming utilizes many implications and symbolism within the movie to convey the messages and foreshadow the ending of the film.

In the first encounter of Romeo and Juliet, even though there’s a water tank between them, they capture each other’s attention and fall in love in one sight. Bag Alarming uses the aquarium as a split screen to reveal the two character’s expressions, as well as using the tank to form a airier between the two, foreshadowing the tragic ending that they are destined to be apart. Before Romeo swallows the ecstasy tablet, he reveals his thoughts towards death that everyone will eventually die, which also hints his death at the end of the movie.

However, Bag Alarming made a few alterations in the film such as placing the enormous Jesus statue between the Capsule and Montage’s buildings to symbolism the religious bond, and removing the scene of Paris being killed by Romeo to evoke audience’s sympathy towards Romeo. In the original context, Juliet wakes up covering Romeos death, then suicides with a dagger, but Bag Alarming changed the scene by showing signs of Juliet awaking, such as the movement of fingers and the blinks while Romeo is overwhelmed by the sorrow and missed the signs.

Such alteration has a great impact on engaging the audience and arousing their frustration and compassion, while creating a melancholic atmosphere by the somber music playing in the background. Overall, Bag Alarming presents the film with modern adaptation through a few aspects: He uses modern elements to make the film logical in contemporary settings s well as composing a modern style society.

He embellishes the film through a few suitable alterations and the excellent character development assisted by his use of symbolism , utilizes many theatrical techniques such as background music in order to engage the audience and convey emotions, and his often usage of implications also foreshadows the ending of the movie. In comparison with the original play, the movie has a greater visual attraction as well as audio appeal towards the audience, Bag Allurement’s modern adaptation is definitely successful.

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