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Frankincense’s monster, at first glance, Is a counterfeit of a human. He Is made of ml matched body parts: he is disproportionate, “wretched” looking. He was created through unnatural I means: at the hands of a human, in a laboratory. Upon an investigation, Frankincense’s monster is a anything but he feels love and hate, isolation and abandonment Just as any human would. In fact, Far nestling’s monster serves as a mirror for Frankincense: his creation Is his double. Frankincense’s actions towards his monster unveil his true self.

The moment Frankincense and his monster meets for the first time since Frankest monster’s creation is incredibly important. Frankincense’s monster has been on his o win for a while and has experienced most all the emotions one can experience In ones life. Frankincense I s forced to confront his creation, to flannel take responsibility for what he has done. It is surprising g how their feelings parallel each other. Frankincense’s monster declares, “All men hate the wretched; ho w then must I be hated, who am miserable beyond all living things! ” (67) as Frankincense answers, “Cur seed (although I ruse myself) be the hands that formed you!

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You have made me wretched beyond ex oppression” (69). They are both “wretched,” perhaps for the same reason. Frankincense’s monster is war etched because Frankincense has made him that way; Frankincense boldly accuses his monster of make inning him “wretched beyond expression” (69). Frankincense created his monster; when he accuses his Cree Zion of making him wretched, he’s accusing himself. By irresponsibly creating new life, Frankincense has put this all on himself. Excerpt from a research exercise of the book Never Let Me Go by Kazoo Guiros Never Let Me Go is a dystrophy novel that follows the lives of clones from childhood t adulthood.

These clones were created for one purpose: to be taken apart. When they grow into young adulthood, they are summoned, and become “careers. ” These “careers” tend to the “don have surpassed the “career” phase and now undergo a series of operations in which v arioso organs are removed to be given to humans in need. Many of these clones do not last past their f Ruth operation. When they die, it is referred to as “completing” or “completion. ” “Complete,” as a verb in the terms of the Oxford English Dictionary, means “having all TTS parts or members; comprising the full number or amount. It can also mean “to make wool e or entire, so as to leave nothing wanting. “l “Complete” is used many times throughout this novel, but I t hint this paragraph is the one of the greatest examples for the true usage of “complete” in Never Let Me Go. Of course, the first meaning is that of death. For a clone “to complete” is for a clone to die. “Die,” as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary is, literally “of man and sentient beings To lose life, cease to live, suffer death; to expire. “2 However, “complete” is such distanced and euphemistic substitution for t e word “death,” it creates quite a disturbing effect.

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