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Rave Charisma has written many acclaimed Christian books and is the host of a couple radio programs. His pursuit of traditional evangelism has led him to become the founder of Rave Charisma International Ministries and he teaches both apologetics and evangelism at Housewife Hall of Oxford. He has spoken quite lengthily on the characteristics that may provide an ideal worldview as well as the topic in general.

Charisma is a man that actively illustrates his worldview via his treatment and thoughts of family, the manner in which he dress social issues, and ultimately, his view of God. Just as with many others, family is very Important part of Mr.. Rave’s life. Describing a home as the representation of Christ, he believes that one should refrain from Illustrating anything else In the household. With the fundamentals of Christianity at play, it is easy to describe such a home as a loving and nurturing environment (Charisma, 2000).

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To reinforce the idea of strength in family and household, Charisma also provides counseling to those looking to be married and seeking to maintain a happy marriage. Via one of his many redcoats, he expresses the need to respect the wishes of one’s parents regarding the matter as well as emphasizing the nurturing of a relationship based on kind love, not arrogant love (Charisma, 2004). Charisma also pushes his movement forward by focusing on social issues and further efforts to cause social changes.

In a segment of “Let My People Think’ (Charisma, 2012), he discusses the idea of tolerance in society, specially towards the more conventional forms of practiced religion that most modern religious and nonreligious individuals alike seem to deem outdated. Describing Intolerance as even a simple look, one Is being told by society that one must be very careful about what one says or how one views another. There are Individuals that are alarmed by an “extreme position”, often considered to be intolerant and lack understanding of another’s perspective.

In a very direct statement, “everyone may have a right to believe, but that does not mean what they believe is right” (Charisma, 2012). One must conquer with the right form of love. Being kind to those that disagree with one instead of using hostile methods allows for more possibility in a strong following. This Is done with a strong foundation based on Christian values. In order to have the room to unrestrictedly practice these Ideals, Charisma expresses that it is important to elect political officials that will allow Christianity to have its voice heard in all sorts of mediums.

Like choosing the lesser of two evils, one must regard the individual that will bring about the best opportunities to continue serving Christ (Chase, 2012). Ultimately, this ideals and subsequent thoughts come down to the original perception of who God is or Is not. Charisma’ view regarding God himself may be seen In how he defines an Ideal worldview. He origins, the meaning of life, morality, and destiny. The basis of the questions is to determine whether a particular belief is relevant, thereby providing opportunity to be the right system of beliefs.

The teaching regards one’s worldview as illogical and unrealistic if one should be unable to respond accordingly or satisfy one of the fundamental questions above. Christianity, as Rave states, have been resilient and strong enough to withstand even the harshest of philosophical questions while still providing a very detailed and coherent answer to each of these four ideals (Dominique, n. . ). To further the defense of substantiating God and Christianity, he goes on to speak of those that would argue that the bible alone is sufficient enough to conquer the hearts of others and be successful.

He describes this as self-defeating and the reason many are mock in places of intellect and studies. “Even the bible that Christ gave us is sustained by the miracle of the Resurrection” (Schooner, n. D. ). Rather than bluntly stating his religion is the truth and nothing may affect that belief, he uses apologetics to confirm the assertions made by the bible and persuade others o view these ideals from a different perspective. There is no need to invalidate a person’s argument when they ask such things as why would the bible be relevant.

In fact, these inquiries are encouraged and answered in order to form a stronger foundation for the formation of a possible new belief system in a newcomer (Schooner, n. D. ). Rave Charisma is quite the amazing man with a certain way with words that allows him to be both assertive and not abrasive in conversation. Ultimately, I cannot consider him a role model for the few differences we share rather than the multitude of moral similarities. Though he believes Christianity to have all the answers (and though it may in fact have many), it does not answer question I find essential like the existence and purpose of sin.

It seems that sometimes his arguments are quite well phrased but riddled with wordplay to support the strengths of Christianity while subtly disarming others (like in consideration of the four basic questions of a coherent worldview). I can definitely see where many would agree with his view and though I am quite tempted, they are Just a tad too narrow for me to settle upon completely. I will, however, state that by reading and studying about this an, I find myself more involved in the scriptures and have even taken the step of purchasing my own bible for academic purposes.

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