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Sills Manner is a solitary weaver who is generally portrayed as an introvert character throughout the first four chapters of the novel. In the beginning, it is hard to analyze and understand his thoughts and reasons as to why he does certain things due to his odd nature but as things fall Into place better, we are better able to link certain situations and Ideals to the way In which he reacts to. He Is portrayed as an extremely Isolated and reclusive man. He casts himself away from the rest and hardly makes contact with the rest of the people.

This is clearly evident when he ‘invited no ornery to step across his door-sill’ or ‘never strolled into the village to drink a pint at the Rainbow. This shows the clear divide that Sills had with the rest as there was hardly any interaction with anyone. He is held captive by his own loneliness and seeks solace in non-living objects like weaving gold. As quoted, ‘he seems to weave, like the spider, from pure impulse, without reflection’, which shows that he does not do it for the sake of making a living but however, to occupy his time and sees this as the only reason for surviving.

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Eliot presents his isolation as having diminished him wrought the use of the symbol of the spider. By comparing him to a spider, she conveys the way In which Sills engages In his work In a solitary and mechanical manner, reducing his life to the unquestioning activity of a spinning Insect’. The absence of companionship In his life reaches the extent that he merely exists to accomplish meaningless and self-fulfilling tasks to replace the joy that human interaction can bring him, depicting that he is deprived of human companionship and relationships.

Sills is identified as a good-hearted person too. Despite how the lagers in Revolve ‘regarded him as an alien’ due to his eccentrically odd vocation as perceived by the society in Revolve with speculations and having a distant relationship with them, he still went to cure Sally Totes well to make her ‘sleep like a baby with his knowledge of herbs. This goes to show that he places his priorities in helping someone in need and genuinely over superficial opinions that are Just a mere misunderstanding of his character.

By feeling sympathetic towards someone he barely knew and wanting to cure her out of her present misery, this further exemplifies his genuine care and concern he has for her. To add on, he did not blame William Dane for framing him when he planted the evidence against Sills in his room when he could have done so by exposing him. However, he decided to rely on his faith in God to clear his name as he felt that ‘God will clear me’. Bearing what William Dane did to him in mind, he did not force Sarah to continue with their order or marriage and even ‘asked her if she wished to break off their engagement’ to marry William Dane instead.

This conveys the fact that Sills had Sarah’s well-being at heart and did not want this matter to blow out of hand and drag her reputation down long with Sills’, which would eventually result in her not being able to marry someone. By doing so, Sills also let his best friend marry Sarah, whom he actually liked too showing that Sills put others In front of him and decided to sacrifice his happiness for the ones that he held close to his heart.

As by doing so, he saw It as an Indirect benefit towards himself. Sills Is also one that Is honest, both with himself and with others. He is unable to question the rightness of the church doctrine due to he comes to terms that there would be no proper form of Judiciary as Justice is met UT and controlled by religion and chance. The only way that he could be freed from accusation would be to rely on his strong spiritual dependence, which he did as he felt that ‘l can say nothing, God will clear me.

He was also not compelled to find Sarah and ‘attempt to win her belief in his innocence’ as other God who can save him, there was no way human word would get him out of the conflict that he was presently in. This depicts that despite Sills being portrayed as someone who admits defeat easily, he is similarly being characterized as someone who is practical in thought and is ware of his limitations as a human in the context of his society that believes strongly in religious ruling.

The way Sills’ character has been portrayed so far has showed us how he deals with crucial decisions and how it relates and affects the people around him as well. He is indeed someone with a heart of gold and definitely not someone whom appears to be who he is on the surface. He has been severely scarred from his past and it has definitely caused him to change the way he handles his relations with people without changing his moral values and ideals.

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