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The basic thought of geographics is the survey of the physical characteristics of the Earth and human activity as it affects and is affected by these characteristics. The particular features that make up Earth’s surface include assorted climes. states. peoples. and natural resources. River vale. mountains. comeuppances. islands. rain forest. and clime are some constructions that are considered as geographical characteristics. A geographical characteristic such as river vale had an importance in the ways people lived in earlier civilisations.

These river vales have had positively and negatively affected these early civilisations such as Egypt. India. and China. As people started to depend on agriculture. civilisations. which were societies that had a high degree of civilization and societal organisations. started to turn in many countries where these people settled. Many of these early civilisations developed by river vales. which were vales that were carved out by the river and frequently had fertile land.

The earliest river vales were the Nile. located in Egypt. Indus. located in India. and Huang River. located in China. River vales were geographical advantages which allowed the ancient people to farm. hold a dependable H2O beginning. like irrigation systems which brought H2O to harvests and a manner trade. In the Nile river vale people cultivated wheat and barley and along the Bankss people harvested papyrus utilizing it to do paper. baskets. sandals. and plentifulness of other of import necessities.

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Covering the river bank was silt. which is a really all right grain of soil deposited by a traveling organic structure of H2O. The river delta. which was the terminal of a river where the rich sedimentations of silt built up. was besides of import to human habitation due to the first-class beginning of good farming area. The Indus river vale started in about 2500 B. C. in India. Water from the river fertilized and irrigated harvests. The river allowed boats to go a possible transit option. Besides the option for transit it provided a manner for trade. every bit early as 2300 B. C.

In the industry of trade things like bronze and Cu axes. lances. knives. and chisels were taken by merchandisers and sold as packages of ware across the river vale to other civilisations. such as Mesopotamia. Even though river vales shared a positive consequence on early civilisations there were besides the negatives. and that included implosion therapy. In the Huang River vale located in China provided the country with favourable clime which contributes to the successful agriculture but calamity work stoppages when it brings inundations. Unlike the Nile river vale whose implosion therapy is predictable. the Huang River’s implosion therapy is unpredictable and violent.

Continuous implosion therapy can do everything in its way to be destroyed. However. the Chinese learned to populate with it and found ways how to water and utilize the reclamation of dirt to cultivate and farm. As seen. geographical characteristics can positively or negatively impact the development of a state or part. These civilisations arose without the aid of each other and shared certain characteristics. but each part produced alone features based on the environment. It goes to demo that one geographical characteristic can make so much in an country. either it being effectual or non.

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