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As you read the section, use your RUSH note-taking skills to Remove unnecessary words and keep the key Information you need to Hold onto list two or three key points about each of the people identified below. Then, Substitute your own words. L. Government & Party Politics: Write 2 key facts for each… A. The Government under Washington George Washington appointed Thomas Jefferson as Secretary of State Washington depended on Hamilton to supervise domestic policy because he was

Secretary of the Treasury B. Hamiltonians Financial Plan Stirs Debate Hamilton proposed new taxes on goods Hamilton reasoned that a national bank would promote the general welfare C. Democratic Republicans Challenge Hamilton Thomas Jefferson was against a national bank. Hamiltonians system favored merchants from the northeast so the south began to question why they are paying taxes 1) (Page 22): How did Hamilton and Jefferson differ In their Interpretations of the Constitution?

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Hamilton used the Constitutions elastic clause to make a national bank while Thomas Jefferson did not believe it was right to create a national bank because he believed it was unconstitutional. II. The Struggle Over Foreign Policy A. America Has Strained Relations With Europe 1979 French Revolution began. America declared neutrality with the French and continued to trade with them throughout the revolution. 1795 America could trade with the Spanish through New Orleans. B. The Allen & Sedition Acts French and American ships were fighting full-scale naval war on the high seas. Allen Act- 1798 law that allowed the government to Imprison or deport aliens. (Page 23): Why did Jays Treaty offend France? Because we didn’t aid France and instead we Joined with Britain. Ill. Jefferson, Madison, and the War of 1812 A. The Supreme Court Issues a Landmark Decision 1801 John Marshall served on the Supreme Court for 35 years Judicial review, the power to decide the constitutionality of federal law. B. America Purchases Louisiana France sold Louisiana to America in 1801 Lewis and Clark explored the west C.

Jefferson Embargo Impressments – policy of seizing people or property for military or public service Embargo – government ban or restriction on trade D. The war of 1812 1812 war with Britain 1814 British burned down Congress and White House but we still won the war. 3) (Page 24-25): What were the causes and effects of the War of 1812? Some causes were that Americans were angry with the British barriers of trade with France and impressments. Some effects were that the Native Americans were weakened and there was a lot more patriotism throughout the states.

Growing Differences Between North & South A. Industry Grows in the North Factories were built in the states after the industrial revolution began in Britain. Industrialization helped cities grow and gave more Jobs to European immigrants. B. Cotton Boom in the South South had more agriculture and slave labor. The cotton gin reduced time of making cloth major. 4. (Page 27): Monroe Doctrine: Write the 5 Was below: Who: Quince Adams What: tells Europeans countries to stay out of the Western hemisphere When: 1823 Why: Europe was annoying and we stayed out of their business.

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