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So obviously the director (Christopher Brattier) did an outstanding job. The film opens with Clement Mathieu (Gerard Jugging) talking to one of his pupils (Pierre mortgage starred as Jean-Baptists Maurine) and going through some of the memories that they both shared. Together they read the diary that Clement Mathieu wrote and so the story unfolds. Clement

Mathieu is seen prospecting for a new Job and finds a place at the fond prospecting for a new Job and finds a place at the fond letting (rock bottom) as the new supervisor. Clement Mathieu life soon unearthed that he wanted to be a musician when he was a boy; however he failed. The boys at the school were proving to be difficult to manage so clement decided to urge the children Into singing. Pierre mortgage was described as a face of an angel , but spawn of the devil.

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But the film revealed that he had a beautiful singing voice. So clement strove to give him the best opportunity. Urchin (François Beer©and) had no belief in the choir and banned all music lessons, so clement had to do it in secret. The film in my opinion proved to be very good because It gives yourself inspiration to do anything. Also I enjoyed it because the film was exciting as you always had that background Image of the naughty boys and when you saw them being as good as gold It was hard to believe.

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