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The main character is Paul Combined, who worked as warden in penitentiary. In Pall’s cell block contains condemned to electric chair execution people. This cell block called “The Green Mile” for the color of the floor’s linoleum. How narrator (Paul by himself) said, it is related with the last mile, which convict goes through. So, first prisoner is John Coffey, who has been convicted of murdering of two little girls. He has strange appearance. Specifically, he is powerfully built and hulking black man. He’s temper also pretty weird. Weak mental abilities, constant fear and sadness on

John’s face makes him as if mentally retarded. One more strangeness: Coffey is afraid of the dark. For some reason Paul Combined treats he much better, neither other. Who knows, maybe Paul thought John is not proven from bottom of his heart. In the short run on the Green mile emerge the new unusual Wight. It was a small mouse. This mouse amazed prison officials its sagacity and intellect. Shortly, one of prisoners (Delicacies) tamed the mouse and called it Mr.. Jingles. Further, narrator tell us about Arleen Buttercup. He was Injury, who killed a man in a drunken brawl over a pair of boots.

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And again we see an extraordinary temper. Arleen is not afraid execution at all. In any case, he wanted that warders thought like that. Buttercup even tried be funning, but somewhere in his eyes flashed the spark of horror. During all the story Paul suffers from painful infection. I still don’t know how it is connected with the plot, but for sure it will be something unusual too. It Is noteworthy, that characters called the electric chair “Old Sparks’. Is it a black humor or Just American mentality? I cannot understand It. So, I still trying suggest what will be next. I hope, It will be more Interesting.

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