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The idea of respecting someone comes from acquiring forms of admiration and acceptance of the person who one might be gaining respect for. It’s something that means a lot because it takes a progressive nature to really respect someone. Respect is something that can’t be given, but has to be earned. Respect means a great deal to me because of the path that has to be taken in order to respect someone.

For myself, respect is important because it shows the significance of the positive qualities that one might have that can be deemed as qualities that one might aspire to have. Respect can come from admiring someone’s work ethic, determination, etc. People will respect you if you set examples that help lead them on the right path. The path to respecting someone starts with noticing the qualities or actions of the person that stand out from other individuals.

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The next step for me would be that you pay attention to the differences in how I am when handling situations to how the individual I’m gaining respect for does. The best notion of respect comes from understanding how you can learn from the individual. Respect for me means that someone Is In place as a role model In a sense and serves to be respected because of the way they carry themselves as well as learning the qualities of who you are.

When you respect someone, one gains a new level because respecting someone means you respect the qualities of them that are similar to your own qualities. I think that respect is a sign of growth and the presence of wanting to better ones self. I think It’s Important to respect someone because It shows that one Is willing to see qualities In someone else and try and learn and build their own paths as adults. Respect builds the skills to help someone grow .

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