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Hence I believe academic book should be the one I should always look at so as to understand what the module is conveying to me. However sometimes there will be limitations in using textbook as it might not be specific enough as it has a lot of topics to cover in it. I will then head to the library and look for the particular books that focus on the topic that I wanted to know more about. From there, it gives me a deeper knowledge of perhaps what the academic books touched briefly on.

If going to the library still doesn’t work It out, or maybe sometimes do not have the time to travel down to the library, I will then do a online research, The reason why I will always use the Internet as a last elution Is because the proportion of Irrelevant and unreliable source Is much higher than the other two methods that I had previously mentioned. Then on each of the above method I will then conduct a critical analysis, which is a process to evaluate the strengths or weakness of the resource so as to help me to understand the relevant link of the resource to my essay.

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Hence I will be able to capture the right and relevant information that need and enable me to have a logical thinking of what I infer from the source. This includes measuring of the reliability of the resource like he author/authors of the resources. Experts or professor from that particular field will be a more treatable source as they are trained and specialized on that area. The fairness of the resource Is also considered as If the resource Is published from a commercial organization, then the source will definitely be more favorable to their mall Interest.

The time and date of the resource will also be one of my criteria as this could affect the accuracy of It. For example, the resource might be outdated and being overwritten by a new claim. After checking the credibility of it, I will the break own the resource and analyses what is necessary for my essay and what is not. From there I will Justify the questions have from the essay and apply it with the useful information that I had capture from the resource.

From here, I will eliminate all the unnecessary information from the resource and take out information which supports the answer to my question of the essay. A. Academic books: KNOCK-301405 TOPIC 2(Time Management) KNOCK-301405 TOPIC 5(Reading and note taking) Strength: These resource should be the outmost reliable as it is provided by the school. The topics is exactly what the question of the essay is asking for like why having time management, and why is note taking required.

Weakness: I might not be able to get a very specific examples and I will might not be able to get much elaborated details. ‘ will need more examples of the various note taking method. B. Peer reviewed Journal articles: (M. Kate, 2012) Strength: This resource is based on student’s feedback, this could be reliable as they had already tested the usefulness of the technique. Weakness: It is based on the student’s personal feedback and may not apply to everyone. . Trade publications or newspaper articles (W.

Dustin, 2005) Strength: This resource gives the various note taking method and how can we go ahead and implement it. Weakness: There are no personal feedbacks from the article, it is Just theories of method that we can use. D. Websites: (Momentous, 1996) Strength: This website specifically explains what is mind mapping and giving the steps on how to come out with one. It is also a website of a popular author, James Manometer Weakness: This kind of resource is not as direct as I have to clearing filter out what is useful to my essay.

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