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History Few years ago, Jonahs Boutique was only a small store containing second-hand Americana which we commonly known as Okay-okay. The store was owned before by one of her friends and Mrs.. Lanai is their vendor. Time came that the owner decided to sell the store and Mrs.. Lanai Is the one who bought. Mrs.. Lanai manages the store with her full effort with her family. Her husband Is a tricycle driver and she had a three handsome and loving sons. Time goes by the store earned a lot that makes the business more efficient.

Because of Mrs.. Lana capability of handling money she had he Investment to build her own business. Jonahs Boutique was begun on October 2008, It was named by Mrs.. Lana step-daughter and located at Dulling Banyan, Sat. Marl Vulcan. The okay-okay of Americana became a store of elegant gowns, coats and barongs. Mrs.. Lanai Is not a sewer but because of her business she needs to know how. The days go by the business become successful and more convenient to the customer. At present, Jonahs Boutique is one of the visiting stores of gowns and barongs.

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It is famous to the customer not only to their beautiful dress but also cause of their good communication and services to the customer. They always satisfy their customer with the best of their ability. Jonahs Boutique is their only source of living but because of this business it makes Mrs.. Lanai’s family more comfortable. The business earns a lot and because of that she can take her eldest son to collage taking up Landscape Architecture studying in Polytechnic university of the Philippines (P. U. P) at Puling Banning, Sat. Maria Vulcan. They are confident enough that because of this business they will have better life to live.

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