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The condition substantially increases the risk for a long list which includes ailments, including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, cancer and much more. But regardless of the reasons for the rise in obesity, maintaining healthy weight comes down to balancing the number of calories people eat and drink with the number of calories everyone burns through exercise and everyday activities. Every day people can make choices to eat differently, exercise more and enjoy a healthier life if they maintain a healthy diet. In discussions of obesity, one controversial issue has been nutritional information on fast food.

On the one hand, David Convince argues that food industries are at fault for not supplying easy to read calorie charts and hazard labels. One the other hand, Raddled Balk contends that everyone needs to take responsibility for what they consume. David Convince claims that food industries are at fault for not supplying easy to read calorie charts and hazard labels by focusing on obesity. However it’s hard to agree with his statement because some fast food places do show how many calories are in their food items and parents are the ones that are paying for this food for their families to eat.

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Excellence argues that obesity falls In the hands of fast-food tycoon. He then goes on to argue that even “healthy Items on the menu for fast food restaurants are unhealthy”. Drawing on his own experiences as a “sass’s kid, he describes how easy it is for teenagers to put on weight with a steady diet of fast food meals. Part of the problem he argues, is that nutritional information about fast food is often either unavailable or hard to interpret. For instance, when people go to restaurants and see how many calories they are taking in, it shocks them when they see that even the lately Items may consume many calories as well.

However should food companies really be the ones to be blamed? “Convince states that the prevalence of fast food and the lack of healthier food alternatives is causing an epidemic of teenage obesity in present day America(392). ” He argues this because of the consequences for society of increased rates of Type 2 diabetes, which can be associated with obesity. By sating this, he wants to blame the food Industries for not making big enough labels of calorie charts. Blame because people should be the ones to blame due to themselves paying to eat sat food.

Yes some places may not have charts saying how many calories are in their items, but sometimes if someone where to look close at the menu, they do state how many calories people are consuming. Instead of buying the fating foods, there are some healthier items that people can buy. Fast food companies shouldn’t be the ones to blame due to the fact of people being tempted to want to eat fat food and not healthy foods. Towards the beginning of David Coziness’s article he states one of his own life experiences saying by the age of 15, he packed 212 pounds of torpid teenage tallow n his lanky 5-foot-10 frame”(392).

When he states this he is applying how there are fast limits to the weight that a certain person can only carry safely. But does he ever realize who are the ones choosing to buy the unhealthy foods? Everyone knows that fast food is bad, but they tend to be lazy and not want to eat a health meal for their own good. People should come to see what is best for their own health to be able to not gain so much weight. David Convince wants to blame fast food companies for peoples obesity, due to them not having hazard labels and big enough calorie charts to read.

However, fast food companies shouldn’t be the ones to blame for people’s obesity due to the fact of people being the ones who are paying for the food they want to eat. Convince may have made a good point, but his point isn’t good enough because he doesn’t think about the real consequences of peoples health and how people are choosing what they consume. On the other hand, it’s easy to agree that what people eat is their responsibility as Balk states because everyone should be aware of the food they consume. People chose what to eat, but instead of eating bad food they can chose eat healthy foods.

Balk claims the government needs to take action and stop spending money for anti obesity because it is the wrong way to prevent it. He tells his readers that it is unhealthy for children to be eating bad food but it’s their choice to eat what they want. Balk says, “in other words, bringing the government between you and your waste-line”, saying that the government shouldn’t be in your business of what you are eating or weather you are obese or not. He states that he doesn’t like how the government has so much control over what people are eating and that they are fighting obesity the wrong way.

Instead he wants the government to show responsibility. Balk believes that everyone has their own choice of eating foods that are unhealthy and if they get obese or have health problems they should pay for the consequences not the whole nation. “Balk states that our government ought to be working to foster a sense of responsibility and ownership of our own health and well-being'(39). Len other words, Balk is saying that if people are eating unhealthy and are having health problems everyone shouldn’t have to pay for their health problems.

By stating this he believes hat the government should be working to foster a sense of responsibility in ownership of our own health and well-being instead. He wants people to take priority for themselves because it is their own fault of what the consume. I agree with Balbo’s statement of how people should take responsibility for what they should realize what price they are paying by ending up becoming obese. Some parents can only afford to buy cheap food and what what pops up in their mind is McDonald’s, taco bell, and many other places.

However when they think about this they can always chose the best healthy item on the menu to consume a better meal or themselves and their family such as eating a salad. Everyone should see how their health isn’t right by consuming the right foods. If someone where to gain the weight, they can chose to have a diet in the end which will make them be able to live longer. Towards the end up Balbo’s article he states, ” Well all make better choices about diet, exercise, and personal health when someone else isn’t paying the consequences of those choices” (398).

I believe this is true. People that aren’t covered under their parents insurance make sure that stay health by getting plenty of exercise to not gain he weight. However, when people are still living under their parents, they tend to eat what ever they want and become lazy, which makes them gain weight. So for people to stay health they need to be aware of all of their actions of what they chose to In conclusion, then as I suggested earlier, defenders of fast food companies can’t have it both ways.

People can chose what they want to eat and it should be their responsibility and not about the companies who make the food for people. Their assertion that they should take responsibility is contradicted by their claim that what hey consume is their choice but they should be aware of what can happen to them if they keep eating unhealthy. Increasing anxiety over the question of how to properly nourish ourselves has generated some serious responses. Michael Pollen has argued the need for a clear- eyed focus on an “empirical phenomenon” to get us to past our preoccupation with scientific theories of nutritionists.

For Pollen, the problem “that is not itself in doubt is the western diet. As Michael Pollen puts it the western diet is what people are eating right now that live in the western hemisphere such as fast food, chicken, pizza, fruit etc. People eat by this type of diet because its easy: it’s easier to buy an already made meal and Just heat it up rather then cooking that meal from the stuff people have at home. Pollen suggests that “we should simply avoid any food that has been processed to such an extent that it is more the product of industry than of nature” (438).

He states how people eating a western diet are prone to a complex of chronic diseases that seldom strike people eating a more traditional diet. With these chronic diseases people don’t know where their food is coming from and who makes it (Fresh). The animals that companies use to make food,can be very dangerous due to how farmers put a certain chemical in the fields, and that can cause the animal to die or end up having some type of disease. Pollen states in a interview, “people who cook their own food are more healthy cause they don’t use processed foods” (How cooking can change your life).

Everyone should see how to maintain a healthy diet by not eating fating foods. Pollen’s prescription is simply for people to stop eating a western diet. To differentiate his specific prescriptions from those of nutritionists, Pollen propose the ales eat food, not to much, mostly plants. By urging us to once again eat food, he challenges the prevailing nutrient-by-nutrient approach, what he calls nutritionist and proposes an alternative way of eating that is informed by the traditions and ecology of real, well-grown, unprocessed food.

Our personal health, he argues, cannot be divorced from the health of the food chains which we are part. When Michael Pollen says “Eat Food”, what he means is, eat real food, as in food that is unprocessed and doesn’t come from a factory(Adamson). With this being said our rains think why we need to cook, however it’s to maintain ourselves to eat healthy and not maintain Junk food all the time (How cooking can change your life). Everyone can eat the foods that they want, but instead of making the best choice, make the better choice.

Next, Pollen says not to eat to much food meaning that he doesn’t want people to be overeating. When everyone eats to many simple carbohydrates, they get a blood sugar spike, and then a blood sugar crash, and the result is that people are hungry again, even though they Just ate (Adamson). While eating everyone needs to maintain certain amount of each item that they won’t necessary be overeating. Lastly, Michael Pollen brings up his last point which is to eat mostly plants, meaning to eat more vegetables, fruit, and whole grain, which will not make people gain as much weight.

While some people may only Just eat plants, Pollen is Just saying that the plant-diet is the best diet. Plant foods are the richest, most bountiful souses of vitamins and minerals as well as fiber. They contain hundreds of thousands of photochemical, and many of these contain disease-fighting properties that a laboratory can’t duplicate (Adamson). When people tend to eat like this they will maintain a diet that they will never regret. Pollen’s theory of eat food, not to much, mostly plants is extremely useful because it sheds light on the difficult problem of obesity.

His point is very clear to his readers of how he wants people to see what the best way to eat is. Everyone should be responsible for their actions of what they maintain and I agree with how Pollen said that the best way to eat is to be making home made meals. When people tend to buy frozen items from a local grocery store they are consuming processed foods, which is ad in my opinion because that is how people start becoming obese. By everyone eating more vegetables and fruits such as Pollens point “mostly plants” they will see a change within their health that they will never regret.

Mary Maximize view’s Pollen’s recommendations as, ultimately, that of another “expert” who writes from a cultural bias. Maximize argues that our culture’s bias is seen in the way that it incorrectly connects the following three things diet, health and weight. Maximize brings up these points when she says, “likewise, even after noting that the connections between diet and health that we take as gospel apparently aren’t”(442). She says this to prove how Michael Pollen doesn’t have great resources of his information about how his way of eating is the best way of maintaining a healthy diet.

The way people are eating causes them to have heart disease, diabetes, and cancer and according to this line of thought, each of these maladies is tied to our diet and essentially to our weight. When Mary Maximize brings up diet weight and health she says that our to make them gain weight because while everyone is growing up they learn about the foods that are in their culture and they tend to always want to eat it over and over gain, due to that being with how they were raised. However, some people may have never learned to eat in the right way that maintains a healthy diet for themselves.

Which brings up her point of when Pollen kept saying that processed foods make people sick and fat. As everyone is learning about different foods they tend to want to maintain the bad foods and not the better foods, which is why Maximize wants to bring up her point of what she thinks is the best way to eat to help people not become obese. For Maximize, our views of fatness and thinness have been “skewed” by culture. Not only do we reject scientific findings, we favor, according to Maximize, “a perceptive that considers fatness fatal and thinness immortal. ” The consequences of this perceptive for the way we live, Maximize shows, are serious.

When Maximize states this point she is saying while it is true that an individual can be fat and healthy, It does not follow that that individual is healthy because their diet consists of Twenties, soda and Junk food. At any state someone can be healthy, but they are at more risk with their health depending on weight. One of the risks being diabetes when people are ever-weight. The key to Maxilla’s claim is healthy eating, being active and living a healthy lifestyle. To counter the way that we have inadvertently “memorized” food, Maximize proposes a form of mindfulness… Ere recommendation is that we hold onto a “long known but recently forgotten” formal which is trust yourself, trust your body, and meet your needs. When Mary Maximize says to trust yourself, she is telling her readers that people need to trust themselves that they aren’t eating to much food that will make them gain so much weight, meaning anyone can eat what they want. Next she says to trust your body meaning that people need to believe that what they eat won’t cause any harm to their body as well as letting people know that they shouldn’t worry about their weight.

Lastly, she states her third point which is meet your needs. When she says this, she is telling readers that everyone should know what they can eat to maintain a good diet for themselves and that everyone should feel comfortable with their body. When people follow Mary Mansfield guidelines they should know that they can trust themselves to meet their standards and that they an eat what they want, as long as they know how to maintain it. Maxilla’s formula does not contrast with the recommendations of Pollen due to the fact of what they both think is the best guidelines to follow to maintain people from becoming obese.

Pollen bases his off of what people should eat and Maxilla’s guidelines have more to do with people Just trusting their instincts. Both of their guidelines may work for different people, however adults need to see which guidelines will end up benefiting to their own needs that will make their health better. Many people do not realize how damaging obesity can be to the body and for their overall health, such as when Convince blames fast food companies for people being fat.

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