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This study analyses the effectivity of the Sure Start undertaking in Halton, Widnes, in implementing the demands of the government’s Every Child Matters policy. The study consists of six subdivisions.

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Section 1 – The Setting

The undertaking is located near to the chief shopping installations in the Centre of Widnes. The edifice was converted from retail premises into childcare proviso in 1997. The Centre has five attention suites that are divided into different types of drama and activity countries. Each room has baby altering installations and lavatories in each room. Other installations include a kitchen, a resource room, a wash, milk readying country, baby buggy shop, staff room and an office. A upper limit of 50 kids ( aged 0 to 5 ) may go to the Centre.

Presently there are 30 kids on the axial rotation. The Centre has a director who is responsible for oversing five staff members and day-to-day operations. The director and the staff all hold appropriate early old ages makings. The Centre is a member of the Pre-school Learning Alliance, Early Education and for 4Children. The undertaking is besides a recognized trainer and offers arrangements to pupils from the local college and Halton LEA.

Section 2 – The Project’s Mission Statement

The cardinal facets of the project’s mission statement are as follows “….we purpose to supply a protective environment for all kids in our care….to encourage learning….and to develop an effectual partnership with parents and all other stakeholders….”

The project’s purposes and aims are as follows:

  • To make and run a welcoming, secure and exciting environment to promote learning and self-discovery ;
  • To assist kids get and develop cognition and practical accomplishments ;
  • To promote kids to go confident, self-conscious and be considerate towards others ;
  • To guarantee that kids become self-restraining and demonstrate acceptable behavior ;
  • To organize an effectual partnership with stakeholders and promote their part towards the development of our installations and early acquisition proviso.

“….Outcomes for kids and immature people….The Every Child Matters green paper identified the five results that are most of import to kids and immature people:

Be healthy

Stay safe

Enjoy and accomplish

Make a positive part

Achieve economic well-being….”

(Beginning: Every Child ) .

Over a figure of old ages the undertaking has developed really effectual and positive relationships with its stakeholders ( e.g. parents, the local college, Halton LEA etc ) . This has created a impulse for betterment and development. Every twelvemonth the undertaking reviews and evaluates its mission statement, purposes and aims. It is actively involved in fund elevation ( e.g. raffle tickets, sponsored walks etc ) to finance activities ( e.g. yearss out, educational visits etc ) which will do it more effectual at run intoing the five results which are at the bosom of the Every Child Matters policy.

Through its direction maneuvering group, its web of commissions and regular meetings with parents, the undertaking continuously examines its proviso, day-to-day activities and operational processs to find how it can go on to transcend the demands and outlooks of the government’s ECM policy. The director explained how she and her staff recognised the importance of acquiring kids aged two and three to develop appropriate behavior forms and demo consideration towards others. This desire is embedded in aims two and three. The accomplishment of these results in kids so immature helps to cut down the likeliness that will go involved in a intimidation when they are older. It besides helps to exemplify that the undertaking is to the full committed to transcending the demands of the ECM policy.

Section 3 – Putting ECM Policy Into Practice

As outlined in subdivision 2, the undertaking is actively engaged in a positive relationship with its stakeholders to better the quality of its commissariats and activities in order to follow with the demands of the ECM policy. However, the director of the undertaking besides recognises betterments can besides be gained by prosecuting a proactive preparation policy and by larning from others. As stated, the undertaking is a member of the Pre-school Learning Alliance and the director and one member of staff attended a preparation event concerned with finance and fund elevation. Receiving this type of developing represents an built-in portion of the project’s uninterrupted professional development for its employees and stakeholders ( when considered relevant ) .

As already outlined, the undertaking organises arrangements for pupils who are analyzing for early old ages makings at the local college and for modern learners engaged on an early years’ developing scheme run by Halton LEA. This interaction between the staff at the undertaking, pupils and host administrations helps to excite the argument about child care proviso and raises consciousness of the demand to better public presentation in order to run into the demands of the ECM policy. Training yearss are a regular happening at the undertaking and are frequently delivered by lectors from the local college who are specializers in some facet of child care. The money raised by the activities outlined in subdivision 2 helps to pay for some of these preparation events. Often parents are invited to go to these events.

Section 4 – Assessment Outcomes For Children

“….Introduction to the Common Assessment Framework….The CAF procedure has been designed so that common appraisals are:

  • An early appraisal of a child’s needs that can move as a footing for early intercession before jobs reach crisis point ;
  • Holistic, looking at the scope of a child’s demands, non the remit of one service ;
  • Undertaken by ( and apprehensible by ) practicians of a scope of specialisms ;
  • High quality, undertaken harmonizing to good pattern criterions in working with households and supplying an evidence-base that is trusted by other services ;
  • Coordinated, and shared between relevant practitioners…..”

(Beginning: HM Government “Common Assessment Framework for kids and immature people: Manager’s guide” , Page 11)

The CAF is aimed at kids and immature people with extra demands – including unborn babes. As outlined in subdivisions 2 and 3, the Sure Start undertaking is proactive in footings of developing its staff and circulating information to its stakeholders. The undertaking to the full recognises the importance of the ECM policy and the importance of effectual inter-agency communications and co-operation, in assisting to guarantee that all kids are to the full protected. Unless clip is spent analyzing the demands of any new authorities enterprise and the staff are suitably trained to guarantee that they can carry through their new demands – so new steps will merely look like excess paperwork which needs to be completed.

As and when necessary – the undertaking has worked with Halton council’s societal services, the constabulary, local GPs and the local infirmary – in footings of placing kids at hazard. The undertaking had an first-class path record of co-operation with other bureaus prior to the debut of the ECM policy. The project’s direction maneuvering commission is made up of 10 members – the undertaking director, two council members from Halton local authorization, two parent representatives, a GP, a SENCO instructor from a local primary school, with the remainder being wellness and child care professionals. The commission has worked strenuously to guarantee that the undertaking to the full complies with all facets of the Common Assessment Framework.

Section 5 – How Is The Common Assessment Framework Monitored?

The project’s ability to run into the demands of the Common Assessment Framework is monitored by a figure of organic structures. On an operational footing the undertaking is accountable to Halton LEA. The undertaking has an first-class path record in footings of following with the LEA’s demand and all other legal duties. The ground why this is the instance is because the direction maneuvering strongly represents all of the project’s stakeholders. Therefore, when new policy steps are introduced – all of the relevant involvement groups – are to the full catered for. Therefore, the undertaking has become really expert at change overing new policy steps into operational processs. The undertaking is capable to Ofsted reviews on a periodic footing and must to the full follow with all of the relevant statute law e.g. Care Standards Act 2000.

Section 6 – The Manager’s Perspective

The director of the undertaking is a childcare professional and has been in the station for 3.5 old ages. She knew of the project’s first-class repute for supplying high quality child care proviso and this is why she applied for the manager’s occupation when it was advertised. She has a hands’ on direction manner and is really knowing with respect to all facets of the project’s operations. She has an first-class working relationship with her staff and has spent the last three old ages developing the strength of the project’s partnerships with cardinal stakeholders and other bureau ( e.g. societal services ) forces.

In the initial stages the debut of the ECM policy did increase her work load and that of the staff. However, because of the cognition, accomplishments and experiences inherent within the members of the direction maneuvering commission – identifying, analyzing and change overing the Electronic countermeasures policy into operational processs was comparatively straightforward. Overall she considers that the ECM policy has allowed the undertaking to reexamine the effectivity of its child care proviso and take action where appropriate to raise its criterions. More fiscal aid to implement the new policy would hold been appreciated. The director considers that there is no for farther appraisal of its public presentation to-date.


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