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Remembering: Forever, My Best Friend “There was a fire down at Barbarian’s,” mom said “… She TLD make it. ” I was too young to completely understand what had happened but my mom’s shaky voice and tears In pieces when I heard of the unexpected death of my best friend. How could this happen? How could God take such an innocent person hotel to experience all she could? At the age of nine I experienced a tragic loss that most children wouldn’t have to deal with and I never imagined I would’ve either. After my mom’s explanation of what it meant to be gone I just couldn’t believe it.

Brian was no longer going to be there, owe could I possibly ever go on without my best friend? Who am I supposed to sing our favorite song with now? My worst nightmare soon became reality when I drove past the scene. There was nothing left but ashes; ashes of all our memories that would soon be washed away by the rain. Once before I was a young, naive girl who believed that the worst thing that could happen to me was my bubble gum losing flavor. Experiencing this loss changed me even though I was nine and made me realize that you shouldn’t take anything for granted. Don’t sweat the small things and get mad, even if she cut your favorite

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Barbie doll’s hair off because you never know when the last moment with someone could be. Ten years later, here I am in college, writing a paper about the death of my best friend when she should be making these college memories with me. Growing up without her by my side wasn’t easy; in fact it was very difficult. I experienced so many things by myself that I thought she’d always be a part of. Eve always been a religious girl, however, to this day there is still times when I question God as to why he took her from me. Have you ever heard the quote “God takes the good ones first”?

Well, It’s true he took the very best and no one will ever know why. There are a lot of morals you can come to understand from this time In my life however, I want you to understand this: don’t test your faith. God can take the very best but when he does he opens so many more opportunities for others and yourself. It took me a while to gain back the trust of God but now I see the importance of faith. It isn’t going to church every Sunday; it isn’t even reading your bibles verses, its knowing that someone is there to guide you through your worst times and just be there when no en else understands.

Especially for me, it knows that someone else is enjoying the presence of my best friend and making her smile way I wish I still could. I feel my relationship with Brian isn’t any different, even though she isn’t here physically, she’ll always be in my heart. Whether it’s something good or bad that happens to me, I thank God that I was given another day and chance to live this great life for both, Brian and l. I know she would be so proud of all the accomplishments I have made and the obstacles I have overcome. It’s sad to know that I can’t cherish these moment with my best friend but I know she’ll be by my side wherever I go In life.

I know that no matter what I do, I have a guardian angel looking over me and keeping have a different perspective of life and the choices I make. You may say that I was too young to understand the loss, or even comprehend the simple concepts of life but growing up with God on my side made me realize that my best friend was living through my faith. You’re not required to believe in God but when you’re left all alone in the world and feel like it’s against you there’s only one thing to do and that’s pray for a better day.

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