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At one point in my life death came as a surprise, now after loosing so many family members it has become normal. If not normal than it is something that I am all to familiar with, death Is not hard for me anymore. Of all the people I have lost the death of my mother still lingers the most In my mind. She was only thirty six, to young, she had so much life left to live. My mother was diagnosed with brain cancer, was fourteen when I found out, I’m hairy six now but I can recall what happened Like it was yesterday.

She started to have migraine headaches, sometimes she would pass out from them, throwing up dark colored mucus from her lungs was also another memory that has never left me. When all these things started to happen my mom went to a local hospital, they told her it was Just migraine headaches every time she went. Over six trips to the ERE before finally, the seventh time they did a CAT scan, a tumor had developed at the stem of her brain. I was angry when I found out, how could the hospital miss that, something so life heartening a malignant tumor.

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The tumor spread down her spine and around to her lungs. Once It developed In the lungs it was not long before she passed away-The memory of what she told me soul plays vividly In my head, Like how she was okay with dying and all she wanted to do was see my sister turn two. She got her last wish because my sister turned two in February and she passed away in May. That was one of the hardest parts about loosing her, watching my sister grow up without her. Wells 2 My memories of her death are clear especially the day she died and the day of her unreal.

The day she died was such a pretty day. I was at school when my principal came in togged me, it wasn’t good I could tell by the look on his face. The school new my mom was dying my father had already told them,the principle was close to me,more of a mentor. He told me that my mom was bad and that my aunt was on her way to get me, when I got home my mom was gone she died peacefully as my papaw and dad held her hand I missed it by just a minute they told me. On the day of her funeral I can remember many details, this day is just as vivid as the moment I found out she died.

I can remember walking into the mausoleum, the back was stain glass with a picture of Jesus on It and through the glass you could see It. How was It snowing I thought to myself but as I watched It looked so beautiful. That brought me peace oddly enough because after she died I started to question 1 OFF understanding of God. For my grandmother it was important that I understand why God had taken my mother from us. She sat me down to have a talk with me, she said sweetheart God always takes the good one’s first. That was all I needed to her my heart from that point on accepted what happened to my mother.

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