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Religions Roles Religions have been around for a long time. A few common religions are Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Many of these religions have been around for thousands of years and have a lot of rules that are common to one another. For example no sex until after marriage is one of the rules. The rules practiced by religious people don’t automatically make those people moral. Religions tell the people who practice it what one should and shouldn’t be done but, we as a country have laws that tell us what we can and can’t do. The laws tell us whether or not we are being moral.

Religion and laws can affect our public and private lives differently by what we wear, abortion views, our education, and sexual beliefs. There are religions that say you have to dress or wear certain items of clothing as part of your religion. Depending on the religion a person might be, it can change or alter that person’s attire. For example, women who practice the Muslim religion have to wear clothes from head to toe to cover all of their skin despite the fact that the law states hat as long as you are not publicly nude, one Is free to wear or dress themselves as they may please.

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The laws are loose about what you can and can’t wear In most cases. Items that might be used as a weapon are generally not allowed not including the Sikh who wear a dagger that is a ceremonial knife. Having said that, to some it is classified as a weapon, but to the Sikhs it’s as symbolic to them as the cross is to Christianity. A lot of religions do not agree with abortion, however, we do have a public law that states abortion Is legal. Christianity, Judaism, Catholics, and Islamic religions all view abortion as a sin because you are killing one of “Gods creations” or because you are taking an Innocent person’s life.

There are exceptions In some religions where if the baby is going to be mentally disabled or if the mother’s life is in danger, abortion is acceptable. According to the law, abortion is legal in all 50 states. The Supreme Court decided in the Roe vs.. Wade case that abortion can be completed within the first trimester of pregnancy. Although some religions say abortion is a sin ND Immoral the law states that It’s a private and personal matter that depends on whether or not the parents of the unborn child wants to go through with abortion.

Public schools are legally not authorized to teach religion to students. Private schools perform in the teaching of religion and are legally permitted to do so. In public schools students are required to learn general education such as math, English, and history. These subjects are also taught in privet schools but taught in a way that follows their religious ways and views. For example there are schools through out he country that will teach history In a way that Is pertaining to the Bible. These schools generally have a ma]orally of their students who practice the religion Christianity or are Catholics.

Public schools, on the other hand have numerous kinds students practicing all different types of religions. The reason behind this is because public schools are a government institution whereas the privet schools are independently owned and operated. This gives the privet schools the freedom to teach about religion because they own it. The government operates the public schools meaning the school does not have that same freedom and this Is significant choice of clothing we wear, and education whereas the law is much less strict about all of these things.

Religions come with many different beliefs or rules that you can and can’t do but so does the law. Just because a religion says its k or not to do any one thing does not necessarily mean you have to abide by it because it may not be morally correct. Laws are put in place to keep people safe although there are exceptions to the laws like with the Sikhs ceremonial knife. In conclusion there are any different rules that come from religions that people practice.

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