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Just in case the answer to that question is no, the significance of the Mayflower Compact can be discovered with three supporting points, the Compacts reason, its contents, and Its effects. To understand the answer to this question as much as possible, It Is Important to uncover the details In order. This means that before anyone even attempts to grasp what the Compact says, they must understand why It was written first. The pilgrims that wrote this document where originally intending to land in Virginia, and whether by a miscalculation, a change in plans, or an act of god, they landed instead in Massachusetts in 1620.

Because of this, they were no longer within Jurisdiction of the Virginia Charter, which was a document issued by King James I of England, which basically permitted land rights to be passed on to come colonists in order to spread Christianity to different places. The area that the Charter covered is all on the east coast, figuratively from today’s South Carolina to Canada, and present day Massachusetts was not included in this. For the pilgrims that just landed there, this meant big trouble, and if they did not do something fast, they would likely be punished.

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Their solution, Instead of moving to an area that fell under the allowed areas, was to drop completely out of Jurisdiction of the England Government and create their own, which meant that they could not be punished by a law which belongs to another country. Thus, the Mayflower Compact was born, a document that declared these pilgrims free from the oppression of England, and also free from the punishment of landing where they were not permitted. The Mayflower compact did not simply say, “We were fed up with England and so now we’re America.

Catch you later! ” Although that would have en incredibly funny for whoever stumbled across it and realized that it actually worked. But sadly, it was just a bit more official. This contract was written before any man stepped off the boat, and was named after the vessel that the pilgrims used to sail to the new land, called The Mayflower. Just before a party was sent out to explore this land, 41 men signed the freshly written Compact In agreement to set up a government In Plymouth Colony. But what did It say?

The original copy of the Compact was lost long ago, but three different copies exist today, and while they vary n spelling and punctuation, the essence of the document is the same. Basically, the glorification of God and spread of Christianity, Just like if they had landed somewhere that was classified under the Virginia Charter, and that they were still in service to King James, but they would live in this area and become self governed. While this document did not fully separate them from the rule of the English King, it was definitely the primary stepping stone into this transformation.

Now it is finally time to answer the question on what the Mayflower Compacts significance in American History is. Firstly, this is portrayed through what the Compact meant for the Pilgrims now living in Plymouth Colony. This is the first step of becoming divided from England and forming a separate life, or in other words, this is the first step towards the United States that exists right now. Who knows, maybe if this Compact had never been written, the United Stated may not even exist?

The Compacts importance can also been seen through its impact on people throughout time. Americans saw this piece of history and understand without it, nothing would be the same, and they began to record how they felt about that. For example, around the sass’s to sass’s, Allan Cox painted a mural on the walls of the first floor of the House wing of the United States Capitol building that depicts the pilgrims crowding in a small room on the Mayflower back in 1620 and writing the Compact that is known today.

Allan painted the scene in a positive light, eliciting a response of patriotism and sympathy for all those men crowding in that little boat room and exercising their rights to freedom. It is also surrounded by other images, one of an Indian man with a bow and arrow and one of a woman with a spindle, and both supporting the relevancy of the minting, the woman displaying a content expression, showing her happiness in her everyday life, and the Indian man triggering the thoughts of how the Indians helped the pilgrims after this contract was signed and leading to the American celebration of Thanksgiving.

The Mayflower Compact is one of the many pieces of American foundation that led to the land of the free that is known and loved in this time. Without it, this country would not be the same. Now the purpose, content, and impact of this Compact is understood, and along with that the overall significance of the document is also left behind.

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