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Throughout the world, there are so many religions that you can’t even count them all. Everybody needs to accept that all religions are equal, not one is superior to another. Religious freedom is extremely important in this world because the amount of people is enormous and the amount of religions and nationalities are even higher. All People deserve to practice their Religion no matter what they are.

Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist Everybody on Earth deserves the right to religious freedom. All Throughout American and World History There has always been racism, sexism, and religious superiority. We can’t do anything about it sadly. There are things that we can do to prevent things like the Holocaust and the slaughtering of people in Kenya and Egypt. We can try to prevent certain people such as Hitler and other Dictators taking any major Political offices.

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Another Idea of avoiding dictators and having religious freedom Is by having mental evaluations on people several times during life and by having lie detectors on politicians during debates when they state thoughts on peoples religions and beliefs. It is disgusting how rude, disrespectful, and how much politicians lie not just in religious matters, but in all matters. There have been several hates for certain Religions throughout time, starting with the Romans and the Jewish before Jesus’ time, killing Jews In the Holocaust, And the persecutions of Catholics In Kenya during recent months.

It All started when the Romans thinking they were superior to the Jewish people.. They made all Jews convert to Roman Catholic Faith. If you remained a Jew, you died, if you practiced Jewish faith after becoming catholic, you died; unfortunately, the Romans at that time ad no remorse and no respect for the other religions, although they were not superior. Then In The offs came the worst period of history of the Jewish people, the Holocaust.

During the years that the Holocaust existed (1933-19451 more than six million Jewish people were killed, the majority of them in the gas chambers. Some famous Jewish people including Anne Frank were killed during this time. Now on to the most recent part of religious segregation, The killing of Catholics In Kenya. In the recent months, there have been attacks on Catholics In Kenya Including on September 15th, where a Catholic church was bombed with grenades. This action was thought to have been by the Kenya terrorist Group AY Shabby.

These few events have been the worst events in worldwide religious history. People need to learn how to accept differences in communities and adapt to them. People aren’t supposed to do things like terrorist attacks or disrespect others because of certain traits. We need to learn how to come as one to pray In unity, to respectful of all life and the religion that the person is, Just because their Muslim and your Catholic doesn’t mean they will disrespect your religion choice.

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