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They follow the scriptures in the New World Translation Bible, which states that there are people who made a covenant with Jesus Christ before his death by crucifixion. This covenant, between Jesus and His disciples, stated that those within this covenant were all promised a place in His heavenly kingdom upon their deaths. They would become kings and priests in his kingdom and would have eternal life. They would be among only 144,000 people who would be instantly allowed into Heaven.

Many of these people were already alive when the covenant was made, and therefore this allows a ere percentage of followers afterward who would receive this instantaneous entry. The ones who would die and not go directly into the Heavenly Kingdom that He established, would be resurrected in another form and returned to Earth. This will happen after what we refer to commonly as Armageddon; when the world powers fall, leading to the fighting amongst the religious factors and the political parties. This is known as the downfall of mankind, a lesson that is taught by most Christian based religions.

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Another difference is that their place of assembly is referred to as a Kingdom Hall, not a church. There is no specific leader of this assembly, as they feel that everyone has the right to speak and lead the members. This would mean that everyone is a preacher, minister or pastor; the common terminology used in other religions. They do not accept blood, whether it is their own or donated. This is from their teachings that states, ” The blood is sacred and belongs to Jehovah God. It is not to be spilled or used. Once it leaves the body, it is no longer yours but is belonging to Jehovah. “( V. Grabber, personal communication, 8/29/14).

This organization was mounded by a man named Charles Take Russell, following meetings among fellow bible students. They have been discriminated against is so many ways; being called crazy, brainwashed, a cult and even having the police called on them for trespassing, Their religion is even trying to be banished from the entire country of Russia. During the holocaust of WI, Hitler had them encamped with the Jews; feeling that they too, even if they were Anglo-Saxon, were not what he wanted in his idea of a perfect These people have done nothing to bring these types of prejudices and coordination to them.

They are seen in communities as honest, hard working folk. They believe that they will get an honest days pay if they put in an honest days work. Many people will hire them simply because they are known to do good work and will always be polite. They pay their taxes, faithfully and honestly and follow the laws that we all should be following; yet, there are many people outside this faith that do not pay their taxes nor do they follow the rules that govern us. I believe that the prejudices and the way that they are treated stem form one specific thing; fear.

Fear that maybe they do have it correct. Fear that people do not want to change their beliefs. Fear that has been taught by parents, teachers and associates. They have been considered a religious minority for many years, yet they have an inclusive membership that is more than 1. 1 million strong. So they must be doing something right. L, while having some experience with this group in the past, have learned many new things from them. They gave me the understanding that they DO have some of the same beliefs that many mainstream Christians have; that there is One God.

While I do not agree that they have the only “ticket to Heaven’, I do believe that their teachings come from the Bible that we all refer to for our spirituality. They may seem radical in their beliefs, but if you actually give them some time to talk, they will make you see that they really are not as different as everyone thinks that they are in their religious beliefs. 3 The Hispanic race comes from several places of ancestry, which causes them to have a diverse culture and even language. The majority of Hispanic people comes room South and Central America, including Mexico.

There are also a few outlying places such as the island of Cuba and the American owned state of Puerco Rich. The only exclusion in these areas is that Brazil is considered to be Portuguese in ancestry; this is their native language. Although these are the main Ares that the Hispanic people derive from, there are other places in the world that have Hispanic people. Two of them are Surname, which is located in the Netherlands, and Guyana which is a place ruled by the United Kingdom. While Latin American Spanish is the standard or the Hispanic people, there are various dialects and vocabulary that is exclusive to each region.

Latin American Spanish , sometimes referred to as Highland Spanish, is what most people are familiar with and is the language taught in most U. S. Public schools. The culture varies from region to region, yet essentially retains the same values from the country of origin which is Spain. It is noteworthy to say that the term “Hispanic” was not put into use until the US Census Bureau first used the word in the 1970 census. As of the 2010 census, approximately 50 million people identified homeless as Hispanic in our country. The main religion practiced is Catholic.

This dominating minority seems to get along with every other group that they interact with in today’s society. Sadly, the same cannot be said of the other races who wetback’s, illegal, immigrants, but most often referred to across the board as Mexicans. These terms are derogatory and demeaning to a very hard working class of people. The are not accepted as equals, even among the other minorities in the country. Hispanic people tend to live among each other in small communities, and in ongoing so they are able to live a more peaceful life devoted to home and family.

They have brought many things from their culture that have integrated their influence into America. The highly spiced foods that everyone loves to eat, such as tacos and burritos, can be found in every food court in every mall across America. Their hard working values have become something to use in comparison to the laziness of others. They tend to have very colorful clothes that have been adopted by people of many races. We have even instilled a National holiday, Cinch De Mayo, into our society to celebrate Hispanic culture.

Spanish has quickly become a second language in America and is taught as an elective in many high schools, especially in the southern states. This area is where the population of Hispanics has centered themselves due to the fact that the Mexico borders most of these southern states. Historically, they have been the target of discrimination that began with the Spanish-American War. We all remember The Alamo, but most people do not know that the American soldiers trying to hold that fort were fighting Spanish soldiers from Mexico.

The most recent discrimination stems from the border wars and the crossing of illegal immigrants into the United States. We are all aware that these people live among us as illegal citizens of the United States, and many do not want to allow them citizenship. I do not think that these people are fleeing from their homeland by choice, but because the factions that now rule their home countries have come into power and abuse it. These government officials rule the people in a fashion that would appall every single human alive with a compassionate heart.

I also have to mention the gangs, or cartels, that even the police in these countries cannot control. Hispanic people have no promise of any type of future in the land of their birth, so they come to America to follow the premise that it is the land of opportunity. They believe it will lead them to a better life and therefore a better life for their children. 4 I am lucky in that I live in an area that has a large Hispanic population. I have been exposed to many facets of their language, culture, food, and traditions. I do believe that once you live in this country, you should be able to speak the common engage, which is English.

I also believe that they should be able to practice their customs and speak in their language, but be able to communicate with the general public who speak English as their primary language. Many schools teach English as a second language now due to the largest immigration trend since the turn of the century. I know people who are American born with Mexican heritage who are discriminated against because they look and act Hispanic. Yet these Hispanic people pledge their allegiance to America and embrace the American lifestyle with a passion hat many natural born Americans lack.

In conclusion, the two groups that I have written about each have to deal with discrimination by people who simply lack knowledge of who they are and what they stand for. Although the Hispanic race is far more accepted in society than the religious group that is called the Jehovah Witnesses, neither are accepted by the mainstream American society. They are different and different things scare most people. “People fear what they do not understand; and what they do not understand, they try to destroy'(Aaron Yates;2002). 5 References and Citations

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