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Jesus as the Omega Point of History

Religion is the cardinal component of the human being. Since the initial phases of the being of the world the construct of God who created the universe and all living existences in it was dominant. With the visual aspect of Christianity this construct became the taking thoughts of this faith and of life of many people in the universe. Jesus is acknowledged as the Godhead and as the ageless Son that controls human being and development. In this paper we are traveling to analyze the significance of the figure of Jesus Christ in the human history and development ( Imperato, pp. 3 – 5 ) To accomplish this, we are traveling to utilize the books by celebrated theologists and scientists like Imperato, Mathaler and Mother Theresa.

The traditional Catholic Church nowadays acknowledges the possibility of consistent being of Christ and scientific development. The account to it is the fact that Christ is considered to be the Godhead of the world and the traveling power of its development ( Mathaler, pp. 1 – 15 ) . That is why ; the modern efforts to unite faith and scientific discipline do non look to be vague. But in the times when Christianity was merely at its morning, people did non hold any scientific accounts to the facts of world and Christ was the lone cause and ground for everything that happened to them. Dr. Imperato, sing the divinity by Teilhard, says that Christ is love and freedom and “The evolutionary procedure base on ballss through human consciousness in love and freedom” ( Imperato, p. 9 ) Pulling from this, the lone cause of all alterations and developments in the human history is Jesus Christ, who is accordingly loved in all people. The same thoughts are formulated in Mother Theresa’s book that teaches all people love towards other worlds and living existences ( Mother Theresa, 1988 ) .


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