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Capable Recommendation of Management Training Companies for Business Partnership


With respects to your petition as in November 2013, I have reviewed the preparation demands of Simplicity Group ( Simplicity ) and evaluated the inside informations of our possible concern spouses – AP Corporate Training ( AP ) and Vertex.

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Since Simplicity is concerned that utilizing merely individual developing attack can non work out their jobs in a 360-degree position, we would join forces with a concern spouse, either AP or Vertex, so as to supply a morecomprehensive and all-roundeddeveloping plan. The intent of this study is to measure and urge themost suited corporate preparation companyas the concern spouse to supplement our preparation services for Simplicity.

The study will be consisted of the recommendation and decision, followed by the subdivision of choice standards and justification, and a thorough analysis of the two companies based on cost-effectiveness, suitableness and repute.

Recommendation and Decision

After acautious reappraisalbetween two companies, I would wish to urge AP over Vertex to be our concern spouse for the preparation services, since AP would be able to supply ahigh-quality and comprehensivestaff developing plan to the directors and staff of Simplicity’s CWB subdivision, while it has shown a better apprehension of Simplicity’s preparation demands and is able toefficaciouslyintegrate the corporate values into theIrbespoke direction preparation services, which are moreconsistentand coherentwith our preparationattack anddoctrine.

Founded in Hong Kong in 1997,AP has sound path records that shehas an overall satisfaction rate of plans as over 97 %. Equipped with thealone four ‘A ‘s attack, AP’s experienced and internationally recognized preparation squad canto the full understandandaddress the concerns ofSimplicityandsupply a comprehensive plan.

AP has provided first-class developing plan to corporates, such as Bank of East Asia and IBM ( China )with a sensible monetary value, Vertex’s proposed plan may non be ascost effectualand Vertex itself isnon as reputable. Furthermore, AP provides the preparation in amuch shorter period, seting the “perturbation to Simplicity daily concern operation to the minimal? ? ”. Therefore, I would urge AP over Vertex as for the concern partnership.

Choice Criteria and Justification

To guarantee that we opt for the most suited concern spouse for the comprehensive preparation plan for Simplicity, I have considered the following choice standards and justifications, which are listed infallingorder with regard to theirsignificance:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness and Duration of the Program

The first standard is cost-effectiveness, whereby I will takea cost-and-benefit analysison the preparation suggested by the two companies. The expected benefit will be measured based on thefullness and effectivityof the plan, thequality of the trainersand theback uping services providedby the preparation companies.

Another of import standard is the continuance of the plan. As Simplicity may necessitate tonear the CWB subdivision for a few yearss during the preparation, they may hold to give the net income during that period, whereby may further conveynegative impact to the productiveness.A longer continuance wouldimply ahigher hazard of inauspicious consequence. This is considered as the most of import standard, because we have to guarantee that the preparation program’s intervention to client’s day-to-day concern operation to be minimum and at the same clip the cost effectivity can be achieved.

  1. Training attack and Suitability of the demands ofSimplicity

The direction preparation attack of the possible concern spouse should underscore the importanceof practical preparation and straight reference to the companys demandssince this would convey direct effects on therange and nature of the preparation servicesto be provided. It is of paramount importance for the concern spouse to doin-depth analysison the company needs so as to supply customized plans thatsignificantly better the state of affairs and work out thebingjobs.

In add-on, It is of import to cognize whether the concern spouse collaborating with Excel have apositive synergismwithin the partnerships. The Program attack should non conflict with each other; otherwise this will conveyinauspicious effects, which might fartherdraw down Simplicity’s productiveness. Throughsuited coactionandsufficient planning beforehandtogether, the suitableness for Simplicity can be maximized.

  1. Repute in the field and path record

Repute and experience of the direction preparation companies,in the peculiar field and path record, are besides one of the considerations, in which hereby furniture/home accoutrements is therelated industry.

It is of paramount importance that the concern spouse would holdsophisticated web and relationshipso that she is experienced inexemplifying the jobs encounteredandsupplying corresponding solutionsmore rapidly. Thepath record and experiencewill be acardinal step of reputeandhigh quality ofservices, since a company, which worked withassorted large corporates, ispresumptively a more reputable onvitamin E.

Findingss and Analysis

  1. Cost-Effectiveness and Duration of the Program

I strongly believe that AP will join forces good with Excel, with good services and the sensible monetary value because the preparation provided by AP isa 4-day class, which covers all the indispensable elements we need, including director leading preparation and staff motive preparation. I consider it as anoptimum periodfor Simplicity staff, since it wouldnon impact their day-to-day concern operationin a big extent. They besides provideback uping serviceslikerating servicesafter the plan toguarantee that the staff public presentation is improved, in which it is align with our PARA attack on theapplication and feedbackphase. Aside from the expected benefit, the class fee, HKD3500 per caput with20 % price reduction is believed to be acceptablefor Simplicity.

On the other manus, the coaching bundle provided by Vertex may non be able topresent the expected consequencesbecause it chiefly consists of training workshops, which does non straight address Simplicity’s issues oneffectual directionand corporate civilization while the bundle does non supply any supporting services. On the cost facet, the class fee, HKD 15,000 per caput, is rather high in the sense that the bundle does non cover all the countries of Simplicity’s preparation demands.

Furthermore Vertex requires Simplicity staff’s engagement for10 hebdomads for the Coaching Skills Development Program, with an scrutiny in the terminal of the plan. I believe that the strong engagement in clip may dobreak to Simplicity’s day-to-day operation, which mightadversely affect client’s concern and productiveness.

  1. Training attack andSuitability of the demands ofSimplicity

AP is good known for utilizing their four A’s attack – application and assimilation after a alteration in attitude and cognition acquisition, whereby the attack on solution better suits in Simplicity’s status, particularly their workshop on altering in attitudeencouragetreatments among employeesandfunction dramasthat give the employees a better image of the jobs the company is confronting. Their plans on “Manager as Appraiser” and “Authorization for Peak Performance” emphasize on the usage of hierarchy in which the underlying construct is an perfectly good to Simplicity in long term.

This preparation attack is decidedly consistent with our ‘learning by doing’ attack – with the alone acquisition procedure – ‘PARA’ which refers to Preparation, Action, Reflection and Application. I believe that this would greatly hike the effectivity of the plan by uniting our out-of-door preparation with AP’s role-plays and instance surveies.

On the contrary, though Vertex besides has the customized services on developing managers’ coaching accomplishment and involves one-on-one coaching, it does non efficaciously address straight to Simplicity’s preparation demands on direction effectual accomplishment and corporate civilization.

There is besides a theory and pattern scrutiny at the terminal of the preparation plan, nevertheless theories are merely tools that help the day-to-day operation, I find it unneeded to necessitate Simplicity’s employees to memorise the stuffs. This will do a load to Simplicity’s staff morale on revising stuffs after mundane workshops, hence would finally take down their enterprises in larning as they are already rather tired after long on the job hours.

I anticipate that the AP’s attack would be of apositive synergismwith our PARA attack ; therefore AP is more suited to Simplicity’s demands.

  1. Repute in the field and path record

Although Vertex was established ( in 1990 ) earlier than AP ( in 1997 ) , AP has a better repute than Vertex. AP has been supplying services to abroad scope of industriesand organisations in different industries, including esteemed clients like Maxim ( Catering industry ) , Bank of East Asia ( Banking Industry ) and HMV ( Retail Industry ) . Itsdiverseness in clients base is the top within the industry. Meanwhile it besides achieves97 % satisfactionrate, whereby non merely does this connote a good repute, but besides theability to manage clients from assorted industries. This is an of import factor, as both companies have no anterior experience in supplying industry. Therefore, I believeAP’s diversified experiencewould be thevalue adding elementsto Excel for the context of Simplicity’s instance.

Vertex, on the other manus, has been recognized for its bettering repute in PRC and Hong Kong over the past old ages. However, taking into history the client base, I am concerned aboutits experience in covering with companies from diverse industries and its cognition towardsthe trappings industry. Furthermore, Vertex has a sound repute in the coaching field ; yet, it is still comparatively fresh in the whole preparation and human resources direction industry.

Shutting Remarks

Based on the aforesaid choice standards and analysis above, AP Corporate Training is a better pick to be our concern spouse in supplying diversified,all-roundedprofessionalandwell-planned direction preparation plansover Vertex.

In instance there is any demand for farther treatment or account, ( delight kindly? ) allow me cognize and I am glad to explicate and supply more information for you.


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