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High yield and energy saving environmental protection Raymond Mill Raymond mill is of high fine grinding equipment, the traditional mode of Raymond mill has been unable to meet the requirements of users of grinding equipment.

In this regard, our manufacturers to Raymond grinding continue to improve, the current with high efficiency, low energy consumption, covers an area of small, capital investment less and no environmental pollution and other advantages. Living conditions of continuous improvement, people’s wariness of environmental protection is also increasing, the production process Of environmental protection requirements have also increased.

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Raymond mill machine widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining and other fields in mining materials of the grinding process, after renovation finished powder fineness, rate of 99% through screening important parts adopt high quality steel, wear resistant parts are used, high performance, anti-wear materials, which is of high wear resistance of the aching, reliable operation, enhance the stability and durability of the work.

Most worthy of popular is Raymond mill discharge of pollutants is extremely low, almost no, high system efficiency, and can meet the user requirements of the process. In the whole system design, from the traditional two levels to collect four. Collect a secondary circulation negative pressure locking type collection, no dust overflow, three or four collected collected serially, to prevent dust overflow by controllable overflow dry.

The whole system in the collection to the ultra-fine powder, put an end to or reduce the pollution of the surrounding environment. After the transformation of the Raymond mill production, energy saving and environmental protection, and the economic benefit is high and cost is within the range can be accepted by the users, welcome customers to come to consult, let us work together to achieve a win-win situation.

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