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Rushing with Time: Research the Possibility of Time Travel
In our clip and age, the human race is progressing at a astonishing rate. The innovations of the aeroplane, train, nomadic phone and computing machine have brought us to a different age. Before these innovations, no 1 believed that people could speak to person overseas or go to another continent within a twenty-four hours. Peoples used to state this was impossible, but now it is a world.

Questions are brought up by the fast promotion of engineering. For illustration, is clip travel possible? Some people claim that clip travel is merely a phantasy and that it can non be done. However, we should non judge it one sided.

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Peoples watch films about clip travel, so it is obvious that there are a figure of people who believe clip travel is possible. It besides has been confirmed by scientists that ” quantum natural philosophies has enabled scientists to near clip travel in new ways that, at least theoretically, make clip travel possible ” ( Huang 196 ) . What is Time? Most of people will state it is a construct, helps people to retrieve when is to make what. However, from a physicist ‘s point of position, clip is an “ semblance ” . It is “ comparative ” ( Howell par3 ) . Harmonizing to Albert Einstein, he said that ” clip slows down or rush up depending on how fast you move comparative to something else ” ( Howell par4 ) .

In other words, if person could crush the velocity of the visible radiation, there is a opportunity he could be a clip traveller. To understand clip travel is possible, we should cognize that we are populating in the 4th dimension. The first dimension is length, like a line. The 2nd dimension involves height, like a square. The 3rd dimension is about deepness ; add the length and tallness together, it became an object, like a regular hexahedron. As for the 4th dimension, it is clip ; besides has been described as “ space-time ” ( Huang 196 ) . In the book “ Quantum Physics, ” it says that ” The 4th dimension is that of clip, and together, these dimensions form space-time, which is a term used to depict an event that occurs at a specific topographic point and clip ” ( Huang 196 ) .

And “ a person’s life consists of a series of events that occur in chronological order known as a world-line ” ( Huang 196 ) , which means ” it is possible to go backward or forward in a peculiar space-time by sing closed timelike curves ( CTCs ) , whereby a world-line is closed ” ( Huang 196 ) . Once confirmed that clip travel is non impossible, it merely made clip travel go an technology job. One of the biggest theories about clip travel is travel faster than the velocity of the visible radiation.

First of all, allow is presume that in the hereafter, if person could crush the velocity of the visible radiation or person construct a clip machine that can go faster than the visible radiation, what will go on to them. In Einstein ‘ equation, “ E=mc^2 ” , E represents energy, m means the entire mass, and the degree Celsius stands for the velocity of the visible radiation which is a changeless figure. One described that “ his equation showed that clip is more like a river. The more mass or energy you possess, the more the current around you varies ” ( Huang 197 ) . Imaging person is throwing a pebble into a unagitated pool H2O doing ripplings.

The heavier the pebble is, the more ripplings it traveling to be. And clip is like that, if something has adequate energy to agitate it, it will do ripplings and alteration. A high velocity object can do tremendous ripplings in order to alter the clip.

It has been said that “ By traveling at high speed, for case, you can do clip decelerate down, and when you can to a halt ; you ‘ll be younger than if you ‘d remained at remainder ” ( Huang 197 ) . When person could crush the velocity of clip, everything became easy. In his eyes, a ballistic capsule could be slow, a winging plane is traveling like an emmet. When he could accomplish that, he could go through clip! In July 24 1911, Hong Kong physicists posted an article called ” Time Travel Impossible Say Scientists ” . In this article, physicists in Hong Kong say that it has proven “ a individual photon can non go faster than the velocity of visible radiation ” ( AFP par3 ) . So it made the theory of clip travel broke, harmonizing to them, nil can crush the velocity of the visible radiation which makes clip travel impossible.

Although the experiment indicates that a photon could non go faster than the velocity of visible radiation in order to go through clip. Some scientists still insist that clip travel still is possible. We should non merely state it can non be done. Like John Gribbin said that: Common sense tells us that clip travel is impossible. Common sense besides tells us that it is nonsensical to propose that traveling objects shrink and get heavier, and that an spaceman who travels to a distant star and returns to earth will be younger than her duplicate brother who stayed at place. Common sense is non ever a good usher to the Torahs on which the Universe operates, and when it comes to clip travel, as with anything else. ( Gribbin 185 ) May be it has been confirmed that nil can crush the velocity of visible radiation, but possibly in the hereafter, we will contrive something that can crush the velocity of the visible radiation.

We can non make it now ; it does non intend that we can non accomplish it in the hereafter. As Stephen Hawking said ” I believe things can non do themselves impossible ” ( News Corp Australian Papers par8 ) . Nothing was born to be possible ; it needs us to detect them. The whole universe is waiting for us to research, we should bear in head that anything is impossible. However the other side of the coin, its stronger resistance stating that high-velocity travel ( faster than the velocity of visible radiation ) might non accomplish clip travel give their ain ideas about clip travel. One of the celebrated possibilities is involved black hole.

It suggests that “ travel a ship quickly around a black hole, or to unnaturally make that status with a immense, revolving construction ” ( Howell par14 ) Sephen Hawking wrote in his Daily that: About and around they ‘d travel, sing merely half the clip of everyone far off from the black hole. The ship and its crew would be going through clip. ( Howell par15 ) Cipher really knows what truly happened in the black hole, possibly there is a clip faux pas. These consequences of this theory besides testify the possibility of clip travel. Another well-known clip travel theory is about wormholes. Harmonizing to NASA ‘s recent statement, they believe that wormholes would assist people to happen a manner to accomplish clip travel. They explained that ” a wormhole is non truly a agency of traveling back in clip, it ‘s a short cut, so that something that was far off is much closer ” ( Redd par 12 ) Wormholes can connected parallel existence with the babe universe and provides the possibility of clip travel.

Another controversial statement about clip travel is the celebrated Grandfather Paradox. . If person chose to travel back the clip of his gramps before his parents was born and killed his gramps, he would non be in the universe any longer. It besides made him could non travel back to clip and kill his gramps. This is the celebrated Grandfather Paradox job. Fortunately, the quantum natural philosophy has solved this job. With the development of the new engineering, scientists find a new method to work on this job, uniting quantum teleportation with post-selection.

Harmonizing to them, the clip machine was build base on this theory ; it does non follow the Grandfather Paradox and many other paradoxes. They explained that “ a atom travels back in clip and some how prevents itself from bing in the first topographic point. ” which means in this scenario the Grandfather Paradox job is no longer a job. A figure of people say that there is no physical groundss show that clip travellers exist, so they chose to non to believe. But it is non true. In the history, there are many things that happened we could non afford a logical account. In August 10 1901, a little chateau located on the evidences of the Palace of Veersailes, two adult females claimed that they experienced a clip faux pas and saw Marie Antoinette, the Comte De Vaudreuuand and some other people in the clip of Gallic Revolution. Some people says they are lying or what they had proverbs are shades, they are more willing to believe that shade exist in this universe than believing about they may truly see a clip travel.

A important image was captured during the reopening ceremonial of South Forks Bridge, British Columbia, Canada, in the twelvemonth of 1941. A unusual adult male was have oning a particular sunglass, a sunglass with leather side and a jumper of a hockey squad, unlike anyone else in the image, have oning a modern suit. All the physical groundss are stating that he is non from this clip. Furthermore, an article was posted in 2003, “ Time travel skips town ” . It talks about a adult male called Andrew Carlssin who from the Wall Street. He earned over $ 350 million out of $ 800 within two hebdomads. One described him that ” Every trade he made capitalized on unexpected concern developments which merely ca n’t be pure fortune ” ( Miklus par16 ) .

Person think that he gets his information from an insider. But he declared that he is a clip traveller who comes back from clip. Actually, he is from over 200 old ages in the hereafter.

No 1 truly knows the penetration of his narrative. Offices besides announced that before December 2002, no 1 could happen any record on a individual called Andrew Carlssin. There is no grounds suggested that he existed before 2002. Given many theories that support clip travel, we should at least think the possibility of clip travel.

Although the theories about clip travel are different, it gives us a basic construct that clip travel is it exists. It is non merely a dream or something from the book or film ; it could be done and became a world. All the groundss are indicating at that clip travel is possible, we should non be shortsighted.

There are things that are far from our apprehension, clip travel is one of them, but it does non intend that we should non believe it. The universe is a charming topographic point ; we should be unfastened to all the possibilities instead than self-paralysis. Any great plants are come with inquiries, people refuse to believe and back up at first, but it does non halt us from researching the universe. Work Cited Billing, Lee. “ Time Travel Simulation Resolves “Grandfather Paradox” . ” SCIENIFIC AMERICAN 2 Sept. 2014. Web.

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