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I consider that I have reached this result and the associated accomplishments because I can place the principal of issues for research on a specific legal subject. ‘ I have conducted my research on a specific subject ‘Secret Trust ‘ . I besides have found the chief issues of research as required for this subject by showing a research inquiry.

I think the philosophy of secret trust is non a unproductive issue. The troubles pose in the trial and determination of this philosophy clearly point out that it is worth a research subject. The difference between the Wills Act theory and outside the Wills theory makes it highly gray issue which needs careful consideration. With merely a simple attitude the deceitful party may non be able to take the benefit for him or his household.

To place secret trust, the definition of Wills Act and secret trust and how these are operated demand to be considered. I thought that there is some ill-defined and simply enforceable thought about secret trust.

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I realised that the instance Backwell Vs Blackwell is a important measure to place the philosophy of defeat. The difference between Wills Act and outside the Wills theory can be identified from it. While covering with the difference I came across assorted problematic issues where Wills Act is more preferred to the tribunals. I found that secret trust can do fraud really easily.According to the tribunal the catching parties should bare the hazard.To avoid these full complexness force major clause is the proper solution.

While fixing my research I thought I need to get down from the basic points of jurisprudence of Trust. Why we make a trust? Why trust is failed? How secret trust is different from the demand of Wills Act? In Blackwell Vs Blackwell, Re Falkiner and Re Keen Secret trust has three indispensable component that is purpose to make trust, communicating of the purpose of secret trust to the secret legal guardian and credence of the trust by the secret legal guardian.

After Blackwell assorted new instances came into force and the philosophy of secret trust has developed but those were non of import for my research. The of import portion was the gift which is absolute but informally agree with the legal guardian that this is a trust. And it causes job for the tribunal to turn out that it is trust and existent donee is in vary hard state of affairs he/she may non even know about the trust. To work out it new instances have developed but still stay some confusion.


The first and the 2nd paragraph of my essay clearly indicate that I have

demonstrated my accomplishment in successfully placing the chief issues. In my subject I have tried to place the jobs and complexness in relation to the application of secret trust and tried to concentrate on the solution to it. I have identified assorted legal countries in the signifier of instance jurisprudence which are indispensable for my research work. The first two paragraphs clearly indicates that I have managed to successfully place the cardinal issues for research in my subject and demonstrated the needed accomplishments of 1 ) legal beginnings and research and 2 ) freedom and the ability to larn. The preparation of my research inquiry sing the subject plays a critical function in the procedure. At first I tried to place the cardinal jobs of the current secret trust and observer position. Text books, diaries and other back uping stuffs helped me well in the procedure. Subsequently I evaluated the likely solutions represented by the legal bookmans and the instance jurisprudence. There were several instance Torahs which I studied during the research procedure and found them really enlightening and utile in order to acquire the entire apprehension of the current jurisprudence, e.g. Edwards V Pike, Re Snowden, Re Young, McCormick V Grogan, Allen V Snyder and others. These instances brightened up my understanding sing the subject. There were some really enlightening and utile articles I found at the on-line database. I am Grateful to the University of London for supplying such a great beginning of stuffs, that helped me a batch as I could non hold found those diary in the local database. The article and diary from on-line library, J E Penner ‘s jurisprudence of trust, the topic usher helped me a lot.Patricia Critchley ‘s remark in dehors theory, Viscount Sumner ‘s remark about relation to the legislative act jurisprudence and secret trust assist me understanding in deepness. Lord Hailsham L.C. ‘s remark about destructing the whole object of making of secret trust and fraud on the donees gave a really in depth contemplation on the chosen subject and guided me maturely throughout the procedure.

Result 2

Locate and recover relevant information on a specific subject utilizing primary and secondary legal beginnings, in paper or electronic media ( including usage of the global web ) .


I can turn up and recover relevant information on a specific subject viz. Secret Trust, utilizing primary and secondary legal beginnings, in paper or electronic media ( including usage of the global web ) . ‘ In making the research I foremost studied my The Law of Trustt text-book written by ‘J E Penner. ‘ There I have gone through the Formalities and secret trust chapter, the relevant paragraphs and studied the relevant stuffs. At this phase I have found necessary information which helped me to acquire the initial thoughts. I went through Westlaw via on-line jurisprudence library. There I searched for the Secret trust and this helped to place the possible research stuffs. I besides went through Lexis Nexis for the instances on Secret trust. First I have studied the definition of formalities as laid down in Statute and text book and after secret trust as laid down in text book and by the instance jurisprudence. Then I have picked the exact definition which is of import and I put it in my research. I besides studied the illustrations of secret trust or the countries which can be regarded as secret trust and I felt that some of those were of import for my research as they dealt with formal trust and secret trust. I have so studied the difference between the full secret trust and half secret trust which was really important and besides have gone on survey the restriction of secret trust which is fundamentally the chief portion of my research. I have picked the portion which I felt of import and wrote my research consequently.

I besides studied at some relevant books available in my academy jurisprudence library ; nevertheless I decided non to include them in my undertaking as this would intend traveling into much bigger item than was required for present intents. I knew from the really get downing that if I go through the text book and Westlaw I would be able to turn up these stuffs of import for the research.


The first measure in my work on this undertaking was to seek for all necessary instances and other back uping stuffs. From reading the topic usher and resource books I have identified the most of import instances for my research. I have gone through the instances on my text book, the topic usher and survey battalion. Apart from this I have extensively studied academic statements, which helped me batch to develop my research. In my research I have used the on-line beginnings. I have used both the Westlaw and Lexis-Nexis Library. I went for statements and article at that place. I besides studied the secondary beginnings and form my research accordingly.

The bibliography of my research essay lists the primary and secondary beginnings I studied for my research. The instance sum-ups and observer ‘s statement verify that I found primary legal beginnings relevant to my research country.

Outcome 3:

Use beginnings in a critical and brooding manner.


‘I can utilize beginnings in a critical and brooding manner. ‘ In paragraphs 3-16 of my research essay. I describe a critical and thoughtful analysis of a scope of instances turn toing the issue of the philosophy of secret trust. I identified those instances by analyzing the relevant subdivisions of the text book, capable usher and commentary in Westlaw and so used the Lexis-Nexis database to happen the instances and download full instance study I have read the instances, found out the specific information turn toing the issue of the philosophy of half secret trust and full secret trust, their differences, links and besides tried to happen the solution to the complexness sing this country. While fixing my research I ever check whether the subject which I have studied has any impact on my research. I have peculiarly checked Blackwell V Blackwell instance and instances related to it. At the clip of analyzing I checked whether any issue trades with half secret trust, full secret trust, their differences and links. I have asked myself whether the issues which I was reading have anything to cover with formalities and can assist me to happen that the differentiation between half and full secret trust. For me an issue would be relevant if it anything to cover with secret trust. I have gone through the conflicting determinations and their statements in favor of those and I got thought for my research.

I have come to the cognition that an statement is of import if it has dependability and used for proper intents. In my research the legal statements which I have given has strength and failing. Whenever an statement has the persuasive power in relation to the subject and it can clearly set the image to the reader so that statement has strength and if it is unsure and ill-defined so the statement is ill-defined. In this respect I gave my attempt to supply with the proper statement which put the clear image to us.


In my research essay I displayed my capableness to utilize both primary and secondary legal beginnings and mention stuffs in a critical and brooding manner. The instance sum-ups and observers view as given in the grounds for result 1 illustrate my ability to measure the primary legal beginnings judging their relevancy and importance for my research.

Outcome 4:

With limited counsel, and utilizing a scope of legal resources, program, research and bring forth an original piece of legal composing some of which should turn to countries of jurisprudence non antecedently studied

in deepness.


‘I can, with limited counsel, and utilizing a scope of resources, program, research and bring forth an original theoretical account of legal composing some of which addresses countries of jurisprudence non antecedently studied in deepness. ‘ I finished a research essay utilizing primary and secondary legal resources as I already mentioned in result two earlier. I had old thought on jurisprudence of secret trust. With those little thoughts I started my work. I have attended few group works with my schoolmates and personal session with my instructor. I drawn my research with these and the unwritten presentation helped me a batch to finish the research.

I have gone through the secret trust and its increasing usage in assorted facet of jurisprudence of trust. I studied the intent of the secret trust, enforcement of the secret trust, dehors theory, unfavorable judgment of dehors theory, fraud theory and unfavorable judgment I besides studied the issue of testamentary trust. While reading secret trust I have read the impact of half secret trust and full secret trust and therefore finally I have studied the effects of formalities both under common jurisprudence and under the legislative act ( Wills Act 1837 ) . In covering with all these issues I have found that the university capable usher does non supply us with material information on this depth country.


My research essay clearly indicates that this country has non been studied in deepness. In our category secret trust chapter was dealt in a really short clip and we did non hold the chance go in deepness with our instructors. The research essay is my original piece of work it is a echt authorship on a peculiar legal issue. I am saying that this is my original work. I received limited counsel while making it. I am cognizant of the punishments for plagiarism. My claim that this work goes beyond my old acquisition is perfectly based on the instance analysis I have done while making my research essay.

Outcome 5:

Make an accurate appraisal of your advancement and the quality of your work and, utilizing feedback, place countries for betterment.


I believe that my research essay provides the necessary grounds to demo that I am able to correctly place and critically assess beginning stuffs to bring forth a believable reply to my research inquiry. I consulted a assortment of back uping stuffs, made an accurate appraisal of them and drew likely decisions. I believe I succeeded in choosing the most relevant stuffs and rejected those stuffs which were non related to the work or which duplicated information.

I received feedback from my schoolmate Baezid, which allowed me to place countries in demand of alteration, betterment or elucidation. I prepared a short presentation of my work sketching the subject and showing the chief statements. I believe that my unwritten presentation ( Outcome 7 ) increased my apprehension of some issues and highlighted those countries that need farther work. In add-on, the feedback I received from Baezid made me recognize that I should concentrate on selected facets of my research inquiry and take the two to three most of import articles on the topic in order to be able to bring forth an essay within the word bound.

I consider that I have produced an reply to my research inquiry which is every bit about as possible given the range of the undertaking. I believe that this work is extremely original ; it includes many valid inquiries and idea and could organize the footing of a bigger research undertaking.


My research essay and portfolio provide grounds that I have achieved this result. In measuring my work I focused on my research accomplishments, my ability to analyze legal texts and my presentation of statements. I worked with other pupils ( Elahi and Mahmudul ) which allowed me to measure my legal research and presentation of statement accomplishments. Each of us prepared a short presentation in which we explained briefly and coherently our research proposals and the chief facets of our work. This was a good pattern for my unwritten presentation ( see the PowerPoint slides in Appendix C ) . In my presentation I focused on the decisions. As I gave my presentation it became clear that I could non easy explicate these, and my friends thought, even from what I had said, that my decision contradicted my ain grounds. After my presentation, I reviewed my decisions and saw that I was exaggerating my instance and I needed to chair my statement and do my points both clearer and more elusive. This presentation with other pupils besides gave me an chance to reflect on my presentation accomplishments and assist me fix for the formal unwritten presentation ( see the treatment under Outcome 7 below ) .

Outcome 6:

Produce a word-processed portfolio, with footers, utilizing appropriate data format tools, and communicate and exchange paperss by electronic mail.


I can word-process text, with footers, utilizing appropriate data format tools, and communicate and exchange paperss by electronic mail. I officially province that the full portfolio I have submitted was word-processed by me. The full assignment was completed in Microsoft Word package. I have used font Arial in size of 12 point. I besides designed my headers, subheadings etc by utilizing bold and underline format. In my whole legal research I have used 1.5 lines spacing to construct it easier to read. the each result are in bold and size 14 point, the inquiry of result are in 14 point and normal, the header of claim and grounds are in 14 point size and with underline. In assorted tome to make my legal research I have faced many kind of job, in that minute I have take really much support from my instructor and friends. They help me to work out the job to how can my research essay become good.

Without cyberspace this research can non be possible to finish good. I have tried my best to use this chance by utilizing my University of London portal. After finishing my research I have exchanged my research with my instructor friends by electronic mail. And I besides take suggestion by this electronic mail.


The provided legal research essay is the best and appropriate grounds of my accomplishment. The usage of word processed portfolio, footers, screen shootings of the electronic mails I have exchanged, utilizing a assortment of data format tools etc showed that I have completed this accomplishment.

Result 7

Briefly and accurately present and discuss, orally in English, legal information from standard text editions, taking instances or legislative acts in a manner that responds relevantly to the inquiry asked or subject set and is understood by the audience.


I can briefly and accurately present and discuss orally in English, legal information from standard text editions, taking instances or legislative acts in a manner that responds relevantly to the inquiry asked or subject set and is understood by the audience. I made an unwritten presentation face-to-face at the Intensive Weekend in my Bhuiyan Academy H 13, R 7, Dhanmondi Dhaka 1205 Bangladesh on 2 February 2011 ( Morning Session ) . My assessor was Shajib sir senior instructor of my academy.


I include as grounds the PowerPoint slides ( Appendix C ) which I used as the footing of my presentation, a certification proving that I completed the presentation ( Appendix D ) and the assessment pro forma with feedback from Shajib sir ( Appendix E ) bespeaking that I reached a high degree

of competency in the undertaking.

Outcome 8:

Work as an active and effectual member of a squad lending fruitfully to the group ‘s undertaking.


I can work as an active and effectual member of a squad and contribute fruitfully to the group ‘s undertaking. To make research I have took aid from two of my associates. They help me really much. They help me to screen out what was the job of my research, how can I fix my power point slide, what is the mechanism of screen shootings of the electronic mails I exchanged are included as Appendix B. I besides better my research by taking aid from my instructor. He besides plays a really effectual function as a usher of mine.


In my legal research Appendix B and Appendix C I have tried to demo my grounds that I have described above. These two appendixes ‘ is a mirror of my return aid and group work with my instructor and friends. These besides provide that how much I have afforded in a group work.

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