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Prevention of any disease causation agent at farm animal farm by managemental mechanisms and operations is known as biosecurity.Due to increased incidence of many foreign and emerging diseases such as FMD and Avian Influenza has made it of major concern. Biosecurity is basic phenomena in disease bar at farm. there are many factors that contribute towards disease at farm animal farm.Their list includes

  • Farm visitants
  • Veterinarians themselves
  • Regulatory forces
  • Dead stock aggregators
  • Friends

all of these should understand the importance of biosecurity. if any one of these does non cognizant of biosecurity he will finally lend to do himself and animal susceptible to disease.

May be it is possible that a individual transporting infection visit multiple farms in one twenty-four hours and may consequence other farms.As a consequence of which the disease can distribute in whole state. So today there is demand to develop certain mechanisms and operations to minimise the opportunities of disease occurance.and this can be done with the aid of qualified and experiences staff at farm which include farm director, farm supervisors, nutrition and extension specializers, Because assorted jobs in practical execution for bar of disease are due to the fact that bulk of farm animal farms are managed by nonreader and nescient individuals who ignore the basic rules of biosecurity and sanitation.improper sanitation provides the ideal environment to bacteriums, parasites, viruses and Fungis and supply shelter to sources. Proper sanitation place the causes of all preventable diseases and do all those causes ineffective to distribute diseases.By this animate being can populate in the favourable conditions of life with proviso of clean H2O, good airing and good sanitise sheds.

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There are four basic stairss in bar of disease.

  • Proper inoculation
  • Detection of disease
  • Removal of intermediate hosts
  • Control meseaure for infective disease

Disease consequences from the intercession of infective agent in the farm in outs and farm end products. Farm inputs includes the wellness of animate being, lodging hygiene, provender and H2O out puts includes the farm visitants, wild life and sing vehicles.Farm input and end products both should be controlled for bar of disease.

Whenever there is breakage in biosecurity procedure the infective agent infects carnal which sheds agent in environment ( nutrients, H2O, lodging ) and finally do animate being susceptible to disease.It is shown in following diagram,

Biosecurity increases the decease rate of sources, cut downing opportunity of infection. Bioseurity non merely prevent disease in this manner but besides enhances the bar by sanitation of farm premises, by keeping close herd and by killing the natural and mechanical bearer of disease.Bioseurity helps us to forestall the disease doing agents inside the farm and stops them to come in at farm but one thing maintain in head that close observation and biosecurity steps should be adopted at changeless footing.

Biosecurity program

For bar of disease an effectual Biosecurity program and its accurate execution is needed at farm. Biosecurity program limits the opportunities of disease occurance. It prevents pathogens from come ining through different paths of transmittal.

Biosecurity can be broken through any of following paths shown in diagram below.

A biosecurity program consists of isolation, traffic control and sanitation.

At first isolate animate being harmonizing to age and production. Isolate ill animate beings for at least one month and they should be individually feeded. They should be decently vaccinated harmonizing to appropriate inoculation programme to bring forth unsusceptibility against infective diseases. Basic intent of isolation is to command the visitants minimize contact between disease and healthy animate beings. New animate beings should go through through procedure of quarantine retrieve that new animate being are greatest hazard to biosecurity.

Second command the visitants and vehicles that routinely visit your farm.Only concerned visitants should be allowed to see farm. They should be decently dressed up have oning coveralls and gum boots. Vehicles should be decently cleaned and disinfected before entryway. Vehicles should be free of any unwanted stuff that can do disease.

Adequate fence should be provided for protection of animate beings against wild life and adjacent herds.

Last guarantee sanitation at farm animal farm. Sanitation minimizes the effects of infective agents by accommodating hygienic patterns and keeping wellness position of animate being. Provide proper lightning and airing in carnal sheds. Clean bedclothes should besides provided.Adopt all the healthful conditions to guarantee a healthy calf at birth. Good hygienic conditions for immature animate being are of import in both safeguarding wellness and future net income.Sanitation should be carried out in all facets including farm equipments, farm employee, farm visiting vehicles. Milking should be done in hygienic environment.both milking adult male and milk roll uping utensils should be clean. Nipples should be dipped on a regular basis and make non manage bag with dry manus because it will take to chapping of bag.

Disinfection is process to kill all bacteriums and parasites with the aid of specific compounds. Disinfection should be exhaustively carried out. Before disinfection a thorough cleansing of edifice is necessary to ease disinfection. Instruments ( hoof knives, limiters, dehorners ) are chief beginning of cross taint so, should be disinfected before and after usage. There should be separate instruments that are to be used on disease and healthy animate beings. As the infective agents are really little and they become indefinite in dust, clefts and crannies and surfaces of, disinfection should be done with utmost attention and attending to kill all the life endangering bacterial, parasitic, fungous and viral agents. At a limited country germicide can be applied with aid of coppice while for a big country germicide can be applied by spraying on that country. Some germicides are highly annoying to eyes and teguments so individual using germicide should have on baseball mitts to protect tegument and goggles to protect eyes.

Disinfectants normally available in market are pyodine ( I ) , parachlorometoxylenol ( dettole ) , methylated spirit, and carbolic acid or phenol. They are available in low cost. Some insect powders are besides available that are applied externally to kill ticks, touchs and fleas on animate being organic structure. These include coal pitch, crude oil and nicotine.

Employee vesture should be continuously washed with detergents.. In add-on to disinfectant the sanitizer can besides increase decease rate of infective agents and diminish their population. A sanitizer kills about 99.9 per centum of all bacteriums, Fungis and viruses.

Disinfectants are classified into three types sunlight, heat ( hot air, steam, fire ) and chemical germicides.Chemical germicides are farther classified into three types compounds ( pot.permnganate ) , bases ( pot.hydrooxide, limesoln ) and acids ( boracic acids, carbolic acids ) .classification of germicides is shown below in diagram


Biosecurity is an of import measure towards the bar of disease before its occurance as bar is better than remedy.Biosecurity play a important function in production of healthy and profitable farm animal.

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