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Abortion is the removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy. I think abortion is wrong and I am against it because having an abortion is killing a human. Abortions can not only cause many health problems for the mother during the abortion, but in the future too. Having an abortion is not the right choice and is very harmful. Is it okay to kill a human? No, it is not. If you kill a human, it is considered a crime, as well as a sin, and you will go to jail. If we are not allowed to kill humans, then why are we allowed to have an abortion?

The definition of an embryo is the developing human individual from the time of implantation to the end of the eighth week after conception. The definition of a fetus is a developing human from usually two months after conception to birth. Both, the fetus and the embryo are unborn humans. It is a scientific and medical fact based on experimental evidence, that a fetus is a living, growing, thriving human being, directing his or her own development (Fetal Development). How is it different to kill a human being and unborn human being? A human being is a human whether it is inside or outside of a mother’s womb.

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Life is so valuable, there is so much to experience, learn, and grow from, so why would you take that away from anyone? Wouldn’t you be mad if someone took that away from you? I would, and that is why I believe it’s so wrong to live your life, and destroy a little baby’s life. Just because you had an unplanned pregnancy it’s not the baby’s fault, so why should the baby suffer for your mistakes? It’s completely wrong to kill the baby because of an accident, this baby had nothing to do you’re your actions, yet it is blamed and its life gets taken away.

It’s not fair to take something so valuable away from a baby especially if there are many other options. Most abortions occur because the baby is unwanted; this is 93% of why mothers have an abortion. 1% of abortions occur because of rape or incest and the remaining 6% occur because of medical of health related problems concerning the mother or the baby. Abortions that are preformed because the baby is unwanted can sometimes be because of income issues. Many poor mothers consider abortion, but they have other options.

If a baby is born in a poor family, the it can be given up for adoption, because there are numerous amounts of people that would like to adopt new born babies, and give them a great place not only in their home, but in their hearts too. Abortion shouldn’t be the answer, because adoption is readily available. Health issues related to an abortion can be harmful to the women that have abortions. Many of these side-effects are psychological, and effect woman long after the abortion has taken place. Abortion increases the risk of breast cancer, depression, self harm, and can affect your next pregnancy.

In conclusion, having an abortion is wrong, very wrong! Women should not have a choice to kill their baby, because they already have a choice to have sex or not and they already knew the consequences or risks that could take place. If a woman is pregnant, she needs to live with it and give birth to the innocent little one. It is not the baby’s fault that the mother got pregnant, it takes two, not three to get pregnant, and those two are the mother and father, there is no way the baby had anything to do with the reason why the mother is pregnant. So why is the baby always the one that suffers? It’s just not right!

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