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The word “posture” is a obscure unit of linguistic communication in which it carries different intending from different lexicons. In conformity to your lexicon. which was posted by the “Wiley Publishing” the “posture” is define in an artistic manner as the place assumed as the airs of an creative person. On the other manus in medical term “medicine net” characterizes the word position as the – “carriage of the organic structure as a whole. the attitude of the organic structure. or the place of the limbs. the weaponries and legs” .

Furthermore. position is besides characterized the “frame of head impacting one’s ideas or behavior and overall attitude” . ( Farlex Inc. ) It just plenty to state that position is such a obscure word that has its wide significance in different manners and applications. Nevertheless. position is by and large or normally defines as the place of the organic structure in which it characterizes the postural status of the organic structure both physically and mentally. ( Farlex Inc. )

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On the other manus. as an single I can state that I have a stable and normal physical position. In add-on. my ain personal physical position is something that I can be proud of – because as an person it is indispensable or an advantage to hold a good physical position to execute day-to-day responsibilities and duties. Furthermore. as a athleticss partisans I can state my strength on physical position is more in my upper organic structure. which starts from the weaponries. up to the shoulder.

I can state that my weaponries up to my biceps and triceps are the strongest musculuss that I have developed. In add-on. my upper back every bit good as my shoulder is my musculuss. which I have to the full better to be stronger. However. aside from the fact that I have positive position with my upper organic structure in which I have developed most of my upper musculuss to be strong there are still specific musculuss that are in-need of farther betterment with the specific preparation or exercising.

In general. my musculuss on my lower organic structure are in needed farther betterment or development in order to accomplish balance on my organic structure position. Through my in-depth observation with my over-all position. I alarmed that most of my musculuss on my lower organic structure are weak. which decidedly needs thorough preparation to better and develop for the improvement of my position. However. I genuinely accept the fact that I need to supply adequate clip to undergo specific exercisings or preparations in order to better and develop my weak lower organic structure musculuss.

Therefore. it is a fact that with the exact and proper executing of the exercising plan decidedly my weak musculus on lower organic structure will be stronger as my upper organic structure musculus. Nevertheless. upon my comprehensive observation and rating on my lower organic structure musculuss I was able to find the specific weak musculuss that I need to better. which are specifically my Hips. Abdomen. legs. Knees & A ; mortise joint and my lower back. With the proper research and audience. I found a concrete replies to beef up my weak lower organic structure musculus in the signifier of exercising.

However. I adopted specific exercisings in able to better my weak lower organic structure musculus. Since I have a weak jobs on hips in which I have more fats than steadfast musculus. I acquired specific exercises or exercisings to work on hip. For my hips. I do “aerobic work-out” . which I do these five times a hebdomad for 30 to 45 proceedingss per session. However. usually I extend more clip to exert to fire more Calories in able to better my hips through walking. Furthermore. this exercising helps me to better my hips. which at the same clip in enjoy the whole exercising. ( Your Total Health )

Furthermore. abdominal musculus is another portion of my organic structure that I need to better and beef up. I genuinely believe that venters is the most critical musculus of the organic structure in which a good position can be defines if the abdominal musculus is steadfast and strong. It can be argue. that steadfast abdominal musculus is indispensable for the organic structure. which it gives great feeling for an single – because of difficult work. Nevertheless. I consider venters is the most hard musculus to better or beef up in which it takes clip to accomplish steadfast status of the musculus.

To better or beef up my abdominal musculus I do comprehensive set of plan. which it is a combination of exercising and diet. For the exercising. I do assorted places of crunches in able screen all the there parts of my abdominal musculus. For upper venters. I do abdominal crunches. for side venters I do side crunches and turn crunches and for the lower I do change by reversal crunches every bit good as seated-v crunches. ( Weight Training )

On the other manus. my “leg” is another concern on my lower organic structure musculuss. Personally. I consider my leg musculus as one of the most of import musculuss in my organic structure in which I rely on it for my legs to travel faster in all bulk of my exercising. For beef uping my legs or my thigh musculus. I do stationary cycling in which I usually do everyday in approximately 30 to 45 min per session. Personally. this is one of my front-runner exercises since I can make multi undertaking that I can afford to watch telecasting or enjoy with my music participant while cycling.

Since. cycling works more on leg musculuss this is the same exercising I do to beef up my articulations or articulatio genuss. which one consider as be more appropriate than any other articulatio genus exercising due to fact that I do non necessitate to transport much of my organic structure weight to work on my articulatio genuss. With a small added stretching for my articulatio genus. I can state that I am all right with my articulatio genuss. In add-on. with cycling I get more wellness benefits aside from leg musculus betterment and increased cardiovascular wellness. Furthermore. I usually work on my mortise joint or pess right after my cycling exercising. I merely do simple exercising on my pess in which I work out and beef up my mortise joint through different counted flex. ( One Touch )

Furthermore. I besides need to better and beef up my lower dorsum in which I can state is of import musculus as good. Although. I have strong upper back musculus I admit that I have to work out more on my lower dorsum in able to equilibrate my position. For the lower dorsum I do two set of exercising in which largely a signifier of bending. The first 1 is the sitting row. where I seat and bend frontward to row that is similar to rowing. Another is good forenoon crook in which I stand consecutive and chunky forward with a handle saloon on my shoulders. With all of these. I can state that I improve and strengthen my lower back musculus small by small. ( My Fit )

In the terminal after 10 hebdomads of comprehensive and disciplined exercise or exercising. I can state that I was able to better on my specific weak lower organic structure musculuss. Before I started with my exercising plan. my position is non great form in which I need more betterment on my lower organic structure in order to beef up my weak musculuss on it. Prior to my exercising plan. my hips are “apple” form that I have more fats than musculuss but after 10 hebdomads of consistent exercising. I improve my hips to a “pear” form. Furthermore. prior to my exercisings my abdominal are non that house in which I have somewhat large venters. Although it is difficult to workout the venters on my station exercising I was able to better my abdominal musculuss. which I have more steadfast acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene.

Besides. prior to the my exercising plan I got extra fats on my “legs” . after 10 hebdomads of exercising I have now more strong and dependable brace of legs. Because of my 10 hebdomads exercising plan. I was able strengthen my articulatio genuss and mortise joint in which my both my articulatio genuss and mortise joint can break carry now my organic structure weight. In add-on. my lower dorsum is now more stable in which before my upper and lower back are non proportions. However. my 10 hebdomads of preparation had materialized that was able to better and run into my end. which is develop my position and beef up my weak lower organic structure musculuss.

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