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Every day people suffer from the harsh effects of pollution: babies, toddlers, even the elderly, but why? Pollution poses an extensive threat to the health of people worldwide. In fact, approximately 100 million people have been afflicted by pollution, which compares to diseases like malaria and HIVE. The leading causes of pollution are the necessities to burn fossil fuels along with the trash and sewage released into the ocean. When we use fossil fuels to gas up our motor vehicles, we emit CO into the atmosphere around us.

Although elution is a man-made problem, it affects all living things on Earth. It’s up to us as humans to take initiative and reclaim our planet’s health after all the damage we’ve done to it throughout the ages. Every year, hundreds fatherlands of sea animals are killed because of pollution. In addition, over 1 million seabirds are dying of the same cause. These deaths originate from the 1 4 billion pounds Of garbage dumped into the ocean every year; most of it being plastic.

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We can maintenance our planet by recycling, properly disposing trash, and maybe even getting involved in coal activities to clean up parks and beaches. All we need to do is get involved. People living in overpopulated urban cities like Los Angles or New York have a 25% higher risk of dying from lung cancer than those who live in less populated cities because of the abundance of cars crowding the streets every hour of every day. If more people were to carpool, ride a bike, or just simply walk to where they needed to go, it would benefit all life by keeping our ozone layer safe.

Residents living near a freeway are also prone to diseases eke lung cancer because of the smog and other harmful toxins emitted into the air by vehicles; especially diesels. Air pollution is caused by noxious fumes mixing into the air we breathe, and it isn’t new news. In London 1952, the Great Smog killed over 8,000 civilians. This comes to show how malnourished our planet has been for decades, and possibly even centuries as industrialization evolved in history. Pollution is a serious problem that must be dealt with immediately. (It is slowly taking our planet captive).

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