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Outline in the writing your opinion on the subject:elf you could go back to some time and place in the past,when and where would you famous person would you like to meet? What questions would you like to ask him/her? In this competitive world, sometimes you wish to make time stop and go back the past-I am are adolescent girl and learn in 1 locals,l have are year to do are choice what become in my future,so Swish I could go back in my holding when life was a pink and full of happiness,when this little girl know what he wanted. Eve many reasons to explain my choice. First, I wish to come back my childhood to remember my happy and impartial time. To see all games with my friends,to see my parent’s sacrifice to give me the best things,and so course to see my funny dreams about future job such as: sometimes I wanted to be a rock star, famous actress, doctor, teacher.. .For me this is very important to see and remember this beautiful time. Another reason is that, I want to fix my faults in the past.

It is common knowledge that most of us made some bad things in childhood and this chance help us fix them. Now,so much I want to turn that girl with the smile,with that dreams,with that self confidence. Going back time is an unreal dream butte have rights to imagine and wish. If can stop the time and fly through time, I would go back my childhood to have peaceful time, to fix some faults those make my love ones sad.

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