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Nowadays air pollution became very important problem in our world. II. Air pollution is caused by 3 factors. A. Factories b. Cars c. Human activities II. These three main problems listed above cause huge effects on our planet. A. Global warming b. Acid rains c. Health problems IV. Regarding all the factors and the problems they cause, we should start changing our world. “Every day, the average person inhales about 20,000 liters of air. Every time we breathe, we risk inhaling dangerous chemicals that have found their way into the air” (Bristlecone, 1994).

Nowadays air pollution become more and ore serious problem. It is mainly caused by 3 big factors. The first main cause of air pollution is factories. Every person needs food, clothes, furniture and other important things. For this reason there are thousands of factories in the world. These buildings emit fumes and gas that are harmful for our planet. For example “Large cities, such as Los Angels, have a layer of smog, which is polluted air over the whole city. If air pollution continues as it has been, before too long, the entire earth will have an additional ring around it consisting of polluted air from factories”(oho Contributor, date n. . Also, people need electricity so they build power-stations which are none the less pollutants than various factories. Another cause is car air pollution which is a silent and invisible problem. We tend to think that inside our cars we are safe from most things that can hurt us, but that is far from the truth – especially where air quality is concerned. We can see the air pollution outside, but inside it is invisible and thus not on our minds. It is almost unusual to see people without a car, an automobile is very important thing in our everyday life. We use it to go to work, supermarket and..

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