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Political, legal and ethical health promotion considerations There are various political considerations involved in health promotion for the patient. The main issue that is seen at the facility that I am located at is the allocation of resources for wound care treatment. It is extremely difficult to provide patients with the supplies needed due to the recent cut backs over the past years in reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid. Since these cutbacks have taken effect, it is very difficult to obtain the supplies that are needed to treat the patients with.

In fact, at DSMC, the entire hospital must function with only two woundvac machines. Even worse, at LPMC they do not have any woundvac machines to use on their wound care patients, when they are in need of one they must go elsewhere. In the past, the hospital had more of these machines to provide to the patients, but after these cutbacks went into effect the hospital also had to cut back as well. This places the wound care team in quite a predicament.

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For instance, if they have more than two patients in the hospital who are in need of a woundvac machine, then they must decide which patients take priority and get to use the machine. This places the nurses in an ethical dilemma, of having to decide which one of the patients deserves the treatment and should get use of the machine. As a nurse, we are supposed to provide equality of care to all patients, regardless of there ability to pay. Why should one patient be offered the machine while the other not.

With all the cutbacks that this facility is facing, it is difficult for nurses to provide the best quality of care. Nurses are being stretched very thin across the board and are being forced to provide care to an ever increasing amount of patients. The wound care center has had to increase the number of patients seen by each nurse due to these recent cutbacks throughout the facility. Now, they are faced with the challenge of how to provide equality and first-rate care to a greater number of patients in the same amount of time as before.

This, often times, causes many of the nurses to rush through their patient care. This can, in turn, lead to errors in the treatment that they are providing to the patients. Are there legal considerations regarding the number of patients that nurses should care for? If errors are made due to the increased stress of increased number of patients, then who should be at fault? The nurse is ultimately responsible for their actions. This is why nurses must stand up for themselves and not let themselves be taken advantage of. We must come together and fight for what we believe in although it may be difficult.

Nurses are ethically bound to provide the best patient care and must fight the politics within the hospital to obtain the allocation of resources for the treatments that are necessary for the patients they care for. It is extremely difficult to get the allocation of resources and the nurses must play the field on both sides, they are trying to keep the patients as well as the doctors happy. The patients are the nurse’s first priority and we are there to treat them and help them heal from their wounds so they may return home as soon as possible.

If the treatments are there to help these patients heal faster and return home, then they should have the opportunity to receive the treatment regardless of whether the patient is able to pay for the treatment. This task is challenging for nurses since hospitals want to make a profit and can only stay open if they are profitable, once again placing the nurse in an ethical dilemma of choosing between the two. References American Psychological Association. (2001). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (5th ed. ). Washington, DC: Author.

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